Jurassic World Dominion: this actress confirms that her character is bisexual

Jurassic World Dominion: this actress confirms that her character is bisexual

The next part of the Licence Jurassic World arrives in less than a month halls of world cinema and the film is talked about a lot, in particular thanks to all the wave of nostalgia it provides. During a interview recent, one of actresses of cast particularly wished to express the importance of its personage for defend freedom of sexual orientation.

This article contains plot spoilers from Jurassic World: The World After. Continue reading accordingly.

Jurassic World Dominion : lost world, found sexuality

Back in theaters in June to close the trilogy on June 8, Jurassic World Dominionor in French Jurassic World: The World After promises a great reunion. Announced for a long time and with a rather complicated filming, we will be able to see our characters again very soon and favorite dinosaurs in a movie that seems to have been built around the idea of ​​nostalgia, since many actors of the old opuses of the license – in particular of the first – are back to embody their characters on the screen. But fortunately, new characters will also appear on screen, such as that played by actress DeWanda Wise: Kayla Watts.

You may already know DeWanda Wise. The actress rose to prominence in works like A good person Where Nola Darling does as she pleasesas well as various appearances for very small roles in series like Mentalist, The Good Wife or The Unusual. The actress was interviewed at the microphone of the media comic book on the importance of queer representation in major franchise films, and she took the opportunity to confirm that the character she will portray in Jurassic World: The World After is bisexual :

It’s important, it’s very important to me that we continue to expand the conversation beyond the search for the kiss. If you are queer, you are queer. You can’t put out this burning flame. It was one of the right things in Kayla’s DNA, in her dino DNA, making sure she’s who she is. Kayla is bi, and it’s just like that, there’s no need to say more.

Jurassic World : major filming problems?

For the moment, it is impossible to say whether this character’s sexual orientation will be explored in the film’s narration. Big licenses are accustomed to including LGBT characters to reach this community, and they are often criticized for this practice, since the orientation of the character is never shown, explained or plays even a minor role in the film. But it can also be important to be able to identify with the charactersas Hollywood is trying somehow to catch up on the representation of minorities in cinema.

The filming of the film, on the other hand, was extremely complicated, sinceit took place largely in the midst of Covid-19. This will finally end on November 9, 2020 after, according to director Colin Trevorrow, more than 40,000 anti-covid tests carried out. The film wants to show how the human population and that of the dinosaurs manage to coexist – or not – in a planet now inhabited by these creatures from another era. But we must not forget that it will be above all a film of images, sincehe does not seem, like his predecessors, to be concerned with the historical veracity of the dinosaurs. To promote the film, Universal has created a website like Google Earth where it is possible to find the location of different species that have traveled the world. An innovative experience that you can find in more detail in our article on this subject here.


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