Job interview: How to dress well?


Accessories, skirt, pants, lipstick or natural effect? Finding her outfit on the day of the job interview can turn into a nightmare. In addition to a good CV, a good look will make the difference. Follow the leader !


Job interview: according to the CareerBuilder study, conducted last year with 2,000 recruiters…. neutral colors are the most indicated. The black color symbolizes rigor and assurance. Dark gray offers a more modern and trendy image. Midnight blue suggests a serious, organized, elegant person.

In fact, depending on your physique and your personality, pick from these colors. You can also combine them with confidence with white, a symbol of purity, calm, peace, serenity, freshness, peace, light and balance.

Wear a skirt on the day of the job interview

Job interview: so if you opt for a classic suit, prefer a pencil skirt, imperatively below the knee. And to stand out with elegance… Also swap the classic white shirt for a flowing cream-colored blouse.

Also, the feminine trouser suit (or tuxedo) allows a slightly more casual and elegant look, but also very trendy. In this case, soak up the seventies trend by choosing high-waisted flare pants, in which you will blouse a chiffon blouse.

The shoes

On the day of the job interview, avoid pointy toe pumps which can be considered provocative. Instead, prefer a matte model, with a round tip and a height between 5 and 7 cm. Attention, no sneakers! However, why not low-boots with flat heels, especially married to a trouser suit.

Accessories on the day of the job interview

“To want to please too much is the pleasure of ugly people”, sang Renaud. On the day of the interview, you do not want to please, but to convince! Only the bare minimum is allowed. So if you never go out without accessories, be content with small pearls as earrings.

Replace the ten Brazilian bracelets that have been hanging from your wrist since the summer with a pretty watch. Generally speaking, anything very big, very colorful and shiny will wait quietly at your place.

The good codes

Job interview: now, dress codes vary depending on the sector of activity and the company you want to join.

It’s unimaginable to jump off your skateboard in boyfriend jeans and wedge-heeled sneakers if you’re looking for a job in a notary’s office, for example. A look to be reserved for tech start-ups or communication. Once hired, you will therefore see if it is possible to modulate your outfits.

Job interview: make-up

Show that you have taste without overdoing it. Say goodbye to garish make-up and overly sexy red lips. In fact, makeup should be elegant and natural. Also, the nude trend is perfect for the occasion. Perfectly drawn eyebrows, a flawless complexion, a fine line of eyeliner flush with the eyelashes and slightly rosy lips…. And here you are with the perfect makeup for a job interview. Watch out for your hands, a reflection of your personality!

The hairstyle

Also, in an interview, you have to aim for sobriety. If you are applying in a very conventional sector, the financial sector for example… Tie your hair in a small bun at the bottom of the neck. Otherwise, you can afford a simple and discreet brushing. However, do not give the impression of leaving the hairdresser.


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