Jim Carrey will retire if this project does not take place

Jim Carrey will retire if this project does not take place

It is one of the greatest names in the history of cinema which is about to leave the world of the seventh art: once the promotion of sonic 2 over, Jim Carrey intends to retire. Hard blow for the industry, while the actor was one of the pillars.

An emblematic actor of the 7th art

He began his career in the 80s and became known for his atypical roles and his bombastic acting: even when he interprets characters who are not memorable, he manages to bring them to life thanks to his gestures and his way of getting into their skin. Of The Mask at Almighty Bruce, Passing by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Ace Ventura, there is bound to be a film by the 60-year-old actor that has marked you.

Lately, Jim Carrey has camped the role of the big villain of the movies sonic and sonic 2, Robotnik. But apart from these two films, it must be admitted that the presence of the actor of the big productions had largely rarefied these last years. If the news of the – very – likely retirement of Jim Carrey saddens us, we must therefore admit that it was quite predictable. From now on, the actor seems to want to devote himself to his personal life and his well-being: he mentions in particular “the painting”or “yoga”.

A retirement likely to be postponed on one condition

I will retire. Yes, probably. I’m really serious. […] It’s rare to hear a celebrity say this: but there you go, I’ve done enough. […] Unless an extraordinary scenario falls into my hands. Maybe I’ll come back, but for now I’m taking a break.” This is what he said to Access Hollywood the Hollywood star who just days ago condemned Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

If the term of “pause” could potentially represent a slight ray of hope for fans of the guy, there is only a tiny chance that Jim Carrey will reappear on our screens one day. Very sad news, which will force us to console ourselves by redoing all of his filmography this weekend!


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