GTA VI: the bets are open to know in which city the title of Rockstar will take place

GTA VI: the bets are open to know in which city the title of Rockstar will take place

It’s been over two decades since Rockstar Games established itself as one of the masters of open-world gaming, with its two Red Dead Redemptionbut also and above all thanks to the cult frankness of GTA. While the sixth numbered episode is still waiting, players are now betting on the city in which the action of the next title from the New York studio will take place.

GTA VIa long-awaited game

The next few months and years promise great video game surprises for players: Breath of the Wild 2 to God of War: Ragnarokpassing through the farthest The Elder Scrolls VIthere is enough to salivate. But one game in particular is even more anticipated than all the others and has been the subject of many rumors and theories for years now.

It is obviously about Grand Theft Auto VIWhere “GTA VI” for the close friends. The software is expected like the messiah by many players, disappointed with the remastered trilogy at the end of last year and tired of the mode Online of GTA Vreleased almost ten years ago now.

Inevitably, players are on the lookout for the slightest rumor and multiply theories on Rockstar’s next open world, whether concerning its features, its characters, or his map. It is about the latter that bets have recently been opened online.

Money wagered by players

One of the elements that intrigues the fans the most about the next installment of GTA is where his adventure will take place. Aware of this, American online betting site bovada opened a page dedicated to GTA VI, where players can bet on the city in which the game will take place. Initially specializing in sports betting and gambling such as poker, he therefore broadened his horizons and offers bettors to choose from 12 real cities, those of GTA always being inspired by existing cities.

Among these, we find Los Angeles, Miami and New York (for the lowest odds), but also more unexpected names such as London, Tokyo and even Paris. If we do not know what sums are spent, the site nevertheless specifies that if the city chosen by Rockstar is not ultimately in the available list, participants will be fully reimbursed. Be careful however, we do not know if this site is really reliable and therefore invite you not to bet on it.

What to really expect in GTA VI ?

At present, such a bet seems dangerous. First for your wallet, but above all because the possibilities are vast forr GTA VI.Some rumors would like the title to take place in a city of an ancient GTA brought up to date, others in a completely new one, and still others in several cities at the same time. Recently, an insider with sources at Rockstar revealed an image that would be directly from GTA VI and which would strongly resemble the type of dwellings found in Hollywood, Florida.

Após alguns meses. Fui confirmed que ssa imagem é do Próximo Título da Grand Theft Auto series.

A localização em Jogo, Possivelmente é inspired Próximo ao subúrbio americano, Nas mediações de Hollywood – Florida.


April 6, 2022

Like all the “information” mentioned about GTA VI, this must obviously be taken with tweezers. In the meantime, we strongly advise you to bet candy with your friends and avoid going through online betting sites such as Bovada.


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