Elon Musk: the billionaire says that "dying would be a relief" after accomplishing this big project

Elon Musk: the billionaire says that "dying would be a relief" after accomplishing this big project

Elon Muskwhose usual escapades we know, has just lifted the veil on the project that he absolutely wishes to see carried out before he dies.

the project that keeps it alive

While the boss of Tesla often occupies the media space, recently by his outings against the Russian president, he does not forget his own ambitious projects. We can cite among others the deployment of the Starlink system above Ukraine, or the sending of astronauts to the Moon with Starship.

During a recent interview with Mathias Dopfner, CEO of the publishing house Axel Springer, the billionaire addressed various and deep topics. He said of a possible lifespan extension:

Of course I want to stay healthy for a long time, but I’m not afraid of death. I even think it would be a relief.

If so Elon Musk is not afraid of death, the fact remains that there is a project that is particularly close to his heart, and that he seems to hope to see realized before he dies. This is the Nüwa project.

My greatest hope is to see humanity build a self-sustaining city on Mars.

About her, the billionaire is very optimistic and wants to see it start within 5 years. According to him, this subject seems to keep him alive.

The benefits of death according to Elon Musk

In the same interview, Elon Musk even confides that the birth rate is one of his greatest anxieties. A birth rate that he deplores is low and stagnant. He had also warned the tweetosphere in January about the risk of population collapse. He also argues that many country leaders are too old to be in tune with the issues of their citizens, advancing the term gerontocracy.

However, this interview conducted on the premises of a Tesla factory in California is of another interest. Unlike many tech-connected billionaires, Elon Musk is not particularly affected by the transhumanist project.

I don’t think people should live too long. This would cause a suffocation of society. People don’t change their minds, they just die. And if they didn’t die, we’d be stuck with old ideas and society couldn’t move forward.

Thus, Elon Musk seems to oppose in his conception of death the opinions of his great rival, Jeff Bezos, who uses part of his capital in research on the fight against aging. Given that the boss of Tesla and Neurolink is a skilled communicator, one can wonder about the nature of his statementsand if it is not a question of a dialectic that is all in all quite effective: his brilliant ideas would result from his youth, unlike his competitors, who are older, and therefore have fixed ideas.

In addition, these declarations also allow the billionaire to make his communication concerning this very expensive project even more effective. If Elon Musk confides that this is the most important of his projects, it helps to attract investors.

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