Dragon Ball Super: the first image of Vegeta in volume 18 divides the fans

Dragon Ball Super: the first image of Vegeta in volume 18 divides the fans

Whereas volume 17 of Dragon Ball Super is available for pre-order since March 22, 2022, it is now a long time for fans to discover volume 18and for the occasion, Toyotaro offers them a taste of what awaits them, with an image of Vegeta Ultra Ego.

Volume 18 of dragon ball super

Volume 18 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on April 4 in Japan, and will be on sale at a price of 484 yen, that is to say €3.70, or as usual. And the first excerpts from this volume 18 should appeal to fans (except those who have trouble with Toyotaro’s style, of course), since they show us Vegeta Ultra Ego on the back cover. You be the judge :

And that’s not all, we also know that Bardock’s character will be highlighted, meanwhile, on the cover of volume 18, which is also called “Bardock the father of Son Goku“.

Several promotional flyers must be distributed with volume 18, and most of them highlight the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Herowhich was originally due to be released in cinemas on April 22, but whose date was finally postponed following the hack of Toei Animation, a hack to which we return in a previous article.

Mixed reactions on twitter

The DB-Z.com website recently posted a Twitter post with an illustration of Vegeta Ultra Ego way Toyotaroand the first reactions to this subject are for the moment quite mixed, as you will see :

There’s nothing to do between the shape that I don’t like and Toyo’s style

March 28, 2022

He takes some liberties with the anatomy

March 28, 2022

I like the “wild” aspect that it gives to our dear Vegeta, after I have trouble with the name ultra ego ud83dude05

March 28, 2022

It’s not my delirium, I salute its constant progression and its visual identity, but it’s not for me.

March 28, 2022

Calm down Toyotaro ud83eudd75

March 28, 2022

Very hakaishin ud83eudd29

March 28, 2022

And you, do these very first illustrations inspire you? Does this illustration of Vegeta Ultra Ego Please ? We let you answer this question via our comments area !


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