Dragon Ball: 80 euros immediate reduction on this complete DVD box set

Dragon Ball: 80 euros immediate reduction on this complete DVD box set

You are a fan of dragonball and you want to redo the series? Hitek has found for you an integral box benefiting from an extraordinary reduction of 80 euros!

A cult series in promotion

Cult series, which has profoundly revolutionized the shonen genre in manga and TV series, dragonball made the golden hours of Club Dorothée, from its beginnings in 1987. This captivating adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s manga continues to amaze us today. As a reminder, series dragonball recounts in 153 episodes the youth of Son Goku and his friends. The series ends before the arrival of the Saiyans, this extraterrestrial race that came to enslave the Earth, and of which we learn that Son Goku is a national. The sequel is titled Dragon Ball Z.

Series dragonball has many qualities, which still today continue to make it a true model of the nekketsu genre. In addition to its particularly gripping history, dragonball benefits from characters all more endearing than each other, and an absolutely devastating humorr.

This DVD box therefore includes the 153 episodes of the series, or 63 hours of viewing, spread over 26 DVDs. The episodes are available in VOSTFR and in VF. Purists will be able to benefit from the Japanese version, while the most nostalgic will be able to find the voices of their favorite dubbing actors: Brigitte Lecordier (Son Goku), Éric Legrand (Yamcha) or Céline Monsarrat (Bulma). It should also be noted that episodes are uncensored.

Usually sold at 179.99 euros, this box is available today from 99.95 euros, an immediate reduction of 80 euros. If you are nostalgic for Club Dorothée, we also recommend this limited edition collection box of Ken the Boy Who Livedanother flagship series of Japanese animation in France.

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