Climate: the UN is sounding the alarm, there are 3 years left before the ultimatum

Climate: the UN is sounding the alarm, there are 3 years left before the ultimatum

This Monday, April 4, the UN published its latest IPCC report and the experts are formal: current politicians must take action now to avoid the worst !

Time is running out, stop half measures

The report from the IPCC, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was released this Monday, April 4, 2022 and the 3000-page document shows that decisions have to be made”now or never“as recalled by Jim Skea, co-president of the group that participated in this report.

Clear : no more broken promises, now time is running out and if nothing is done, we are inevitably heading towards a global warming of 3°C ! But there is still a chance. However, we must act quickly.

The UN experts are clear, it makes drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in all sectors. Without these decisions, we will not be able to limit global warming to an increase of 1.5°C. Currently, we are heading towards a warming of +1.1°C, which exposes half of the world’s population due to the risk of heat waves, drought and other climatic disturbances.

The UN Secretary General goes even further by stating that the States which had committed themselves with the Paris Agreements “lie” simply.

What solutions to avoid the worst?

To avoid the worst, it is quite simply necessary that the current policies respect the agreements signed and reinforce them. Without what, global warming is heading for a 3.2°C increase by 2100. Worse still, if the countries really honored the commitments, at present, the temperature increase would be heading towards 2.8°C instead of the 1.5°C initially forecast. To avoid this terrible scenario and its share of amplified climatic disasters, the objective is clear: we only have 3 years left for emissions to peaki.e. 2025, and that they decrease by half in 2030.

How to reverse the trend?

To achieve this, it’s now or never warns the head of the IPCC. For a “livable future“, the decisions taken today are essential. But the countries still have to be “brave enough to use themas US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken puts it.

Among the decisions to be made are limiting the use of coal without carbon capture to 1.5°C and reducing oil to 60% and gas to 70% by 2050.

But not everything rests solely on the Heads of State! Indeed, theUN also recommends reviewing our consumption patterns.

To conclude, the time for half measures is over ! We must continue to make commitments and keep them 100% and there is not much time left to spare our future generations.


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