Climate change: 35 photos that prove that our planet is in bad shape

Climate change: 35 photos that prove that our planet is in bad shape

With the succession of tragic events that have struck us in recent years, one could easily forget that humanity is currently facing one of the worst crises in its history: the climate emergency. We have already shown you some surreal pictures that were taken during the last heat waves, we share with you today 35 photos that prove that our planet is in bad shape.

#1 Colorado Weather A Day Away

#2 smoke from an Oregon wildfire blocks the sun’s rays and changes the sky into something apocalyptic

#3 The water level of Lake Powell is so low that you can find stranded wrecks there

#4 Heatwave sparked fires in this UK forest

#5 Lack of rain worries local authorities in Portugal

#6 These floods in China caused the death of more than 300 people

#7 this storm in denver is unleashing the elements

#8 MOROCCO has experienced its worst episodes of DROUGHT for several DECADES

#9 The Waves End Their Course In These Sidney Coastal Homes

#10 Photos of Athens taken two days apart

#11 A storm managed to move this road

#12 The consequences of a terrible winter for the inhabitants of this building

#13 The perfect image to illustrate melting ice

#14 This panel has turned completely white due to high recorded temperatures

#15 Impossible to leave the city for the inhabitants of this usually PEACEFUL German town

#16 Restrooms in Texas during a cold snap

#17 Braithwaite Manor after Hurricane Ida

#18 The sun turns scarlet because of the fires

#19 No, it’s not the fog but the effect of pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina

#20 In Portland, houses are melting because of the heat

#21 People in Beijing couldn’t see anything shrouded in this sandstorm

#22 Impossible to leave home on this Canadian island

#23 This yellow sky announcing the arrival of a violent storm

#24 Severe flooding caused the collapse of several bridges on the Coquihalla road (Canada)

#25 Strong winds turned this lake into ice and created “frozen waves” on the shore

#26 The village of Lytton was completely destroyed after a fire caused by a heat wave

#27 This Wind Turbine Didn’t Withstand A Tornado That Hit Texas

#28 This car wash froze after a significant drop in temperatures

#29 Jellyfish were brought by the arrival of Hurricane Sally in Florida

#30 The town of Mayfield after being hit by multiple tornadoes

#31 sudan has experienced the worst flooding in 60 years

#32 The blizzard brings down several tens of centimeters of snow in Canada

#33 Roads became impassable after heatwave in Everson

#34 India’s biggest locust invasion in 27 years

#35 In Colorado, snow fell 48 hours after the state experienced a big heat wave

If you feel concerned by all these stories droughts, floods, storms or cold spellswe urge you to read our article on these maddening indicators that prove that the Earth has reached a new critical threshold in terms of global warming.


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