Batman Returns: Collector’s Edition Steelbook is available for pre-order

Batman Returns: Collector's Edition Steelbook is available for pre-order

The Batman met with real success in the cinema, but before the latter, we had the right to the trilogy Dark Knight written and directed by Christopher Nolan and before that it was Tim Burton who was at the helm of Batman and Batman Returns (The challenge). The latter is available for pre-order in a super steelbook collector’s box.

Batman Returns: the sequel to Batman 89

The feature film Batman Returns was released in 1992 and it was directed by Tim Burton, From a screenplay by Sam Hamm and Daniel Waters. Casting level, we find in super heroes Michael Keatonas well as Danny DeVito in Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer in Catwoman and Christopher Walken in Max Shreck. What beautiful people.

Concerning this box which is in pre-order at the price of 39.99 euros in Blu-ray 4K UHD version, it contains:

  • the movie in 4K Blu-ray,
  • the movie on Blu-ray,
  • a bonus Blu-ray,
  • a steelbook case,
  • a 16-page booklet,
  • 5 operational photos,
  • 5 art cards,
  • 3 character cards,
  • a double-sided poster,
  • a cardboard sleeve.

We also have the super box Harry Potter with the complete films and posters.

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