Air travel: 8 things you can ask for for free


In this new article, the Leenkus editorial staff discovers 8 surprising things you can ask for when traveling on the plane. And without spending a penny! Read on…

Here’s what you can request for free on a plane

Vacation time is approaching! If your trip is by plane, you can now enjoy a beautiful view in the clouds… but not only! If air travel is not always a cakewalk, you can sometimes get some benefits from it.

These 8 surprising things can be requested for free. Small advantages to benefit under certain conditions. Indeed, the latter only concern certain airlines and certain flights (generally those of long duration). However, low cost flights do not offer as many advantages. So if you’re going on a trip far enough from home, try asking for these 8 free things!

1: Air travel have free wifi

Travel by plane: many companies offer free wifi on their planes. So enjoy it !

2: Flight take advantage of accessories for rest and entertainment

Forgot your headphones or eye mask? Do not worry ! All you have to do is ask a hostess or a Stewart, because these accessories are free.

Also you can ask for a pillow and a blanket. And if your plane trip is long and you don’t want to be disturbed… You can ask for earplugs.

3: Flight…benefit from a little more food and more…

If you were able to enjoy a small meal, or you are a bit peckish but you are not satisfied… try to ask for more. Indeed, some companies can make you benefit from it.

4: Flight… benefit from free drinks!

When traveling on planes, most drinks are free. So enjoy it ! Indeed, regardless of the company and the flight, the only drink that is free is water. So you can ask for free and as much as you want.

5: Take advantage of a toiletry kit and certain medications

Travel by plane: To freshen up, the toiletry kit is now ideal for freshening up. So, if you don’t feel well, don’t hesitate to ask for medication. However, some are available upon request.

6: Ask for babysitting or a crib

If you have to be away, you can also ask a Stewart or hostess to keep an eye on your children. Also, if traveling with a baby, remember to call the company to benefit from seats in the front and thus be able to use a cot for free.

7: One more pin in your collection

Generally, airlines have pins with their company logo. So if you collect it, it’s time to expand it!

8: Take a cockpit tour when the plane is stationary

If you ask, we may agree to give you a little tour before the trip. You will take full eyes.


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