Age spots: How to prevent them and make them disappear!


Now, the link between the sun and age spots is obvious. There is no secret ! Indeed, these spots appear on the parts of the body that are most often exposed to UV rays. However, some techniques can lighten them so that they are less visible. Leenkus takes stock!

The sun and the skin are not friends!

All specialists in general diseases affecting the skin will say so. The rays of the sun do not wish you well. Because yes, even if your skin seems resistant to the sun, it is now marked by UV rays.

Indeed, a perfectly tanned skin is certainly very aesthetic for your Instagram photos… But it shows above all how much it felt attacked by UV rays. This is why it is therefore essential to wear sunscreen. This is to protect your skin as much as possible. Moreover, if melanin makes it possible to tan, it does not always make it possible to darken the skin in a homogeneous way. Now that’s when stains happen…

Age spots have little to do with old age

The more careful you are, the fewer stains you will have. In summer, avoid tanning for hours, cover your body and put on some cream. You will certainly have fewer spots than most people who bask in the sun without any precautions.

The problem ? These spots which are completely harmless are similar to those which appear when a person has skin cancer. So if you have any doubts, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist. He is now the only doctor who can tell you if they are actually harmless or not. And if you want to erase them, several solutions are available to you…

So you got it! Start by limiting your exposure to the sun first. This will in fact allow you to considerably limit the appearance of spots.

But what to do once they are there? Indeed, topical creams can actually lighten these spots to make them less noticeable. However, it is advisable not to use products containing mercury.

To be well advised, turn to your doctor. Generally, the following ingredients are part of the composition of effective creams: cortisone, hydroquinone, retinoids and tretinoin.

Other solutions…

If you go to see your dermatologist, the latter can therefore offer you other solutions. Pulsed light therapy, or laser surgery. Also, cryotherapy, which involves removing stains with a cold substance like liquid nitrogen. And microdermabrasion which is actually a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates the skin or chemical peeling.

Moreover, age spots are not inevitable, but they can come back. You know it now! It is the sun that is the cause of their appearance.

And while it’s tempting to spend a day at the beach, know that your skin isn’t enjoying the experience as much as you are. Skin cancer is therefore the worst possible reaction and develops in most cases in people who are used to being in the sun.


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