Standing Abs Workout — Standing Abs Exercises to Tone Abs, Obliques & Lower Back


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  1. I felt like I got such a thorough, and much more efficient abs workout than just crunches. My abs are burning.  I posted this question on the website, but thought I'd open up for discussion here.  What's your recommendations for eating before a workout?  Thanks for all your hard work and motivation!

  2. I've done this workout 4 times now and I can see its already made a difference. I usually stand beside a mirror when I'm doing this workout because I can see if I'm sucking in properly, which is the most important thing for this workout
    I really appreciate these videos you do for us, thank you soo much guys:) 

  3. guys i love your workouts ,thanks for sharing it.but can you add some for people who has patella femoral sendrom ,ankle sprains etc ( injuries makes everything harder and we still wanna go on exercises) thanks.


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