Snooki: #ad That way you feel when you hear @flattummytea is STILL …


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#ad That way you feel when you hear @flattummytea is STILL 20% off! Flat Tummy Tea seriously gets me feeling so damn good. I mean check out this tummy! After Thanksgiving and all the crap I’ve had this weekend, this tummy’s still flat. You guys know I can’t look like this on my own. If you haven’t yet, check them out, it’s 20% OFF today only. Tell them Nicole sent you! X

About Snooki

Started off as a certified nut job on Jersey Shore at 21 years old. Met the man of my dreams at the club, fell in love, had a baby, and completely love being a mother. My current project is Snooki&JWOWW. I also work my ass off on my brand & can’t wait for my clothing line SnookiLove to be in stores soon! Future talk show host in the making.


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