Get On Your Knees – The Fitness Marshall – Cardio Hip-Hop Cool Down


GRAB A FRIEND AND GET ON YOUR KNEES!! This video is about celebrating your body, letting go of insecurities and having a judgement-free space to do so. It’s YOUR body. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with it. Love yourself. Express yourself. Do YOU.

Portion: COOL DOWN
The Fitness Marshall: Caleb Marshall
Dancers: Jaclyn HadfieldKatie Landrum
Choreography: Caleb Marshall

Intended for use as apart of The Fitness Marshall Cardio Hip-Hop workout. Please consult a physician before beginning this workout.


  1. "I hope you feel weird after that one" fricking perfect! this one was strange as all, but it's quite amusing to watch and try. great job The Fitness Marshall

  2. I can't watch it, please bring this video back! love your videos, so fun, and it motivated a few even the laziest of people like myself.

  3. how come when I do the throw I look like I have a swarm of bees attacking me. and you said dick on the ground, I don't have one….


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