Fitness Pros Try Boxing


Everything changes when you put the gloves on.

Thank you to Chad “Savage” George and California Mixed Martial Arts!

Made by BFMP
Mikki Hernandez

Jacob Buckenmyer

CJ Hammond

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  1. I went to my first kickboxing class and died. So awful but so good. Plus the workout they included was high intensity so there were times I just wanted to give up, but you keep going. And you definitely feel it afterward!

  2. Boxing is probably the most intense sport you're using about every muscle in your body (including you brain) and constantly moving. It's really a lot to adjust to at first especially if you're not used exercising a lot. I do what they're doing in the video almost 7 days a week and it's taken  me a while to get there but it was worth it

  3. Boxing is amazing I started when I was six and haven't stopped yet I'm now thirteen and doing bouts and I don't plan on stopping for a long time it's great for fitness and yes it does hurt if you get hit in the face but it's still great

  4. I've been doing kickboxing for about 6 years now and it is unlike any other workout i've done. It's so much more tiring, especially when you're sparing with someone because you have to constantly think about not only what you are doing, but what your opponent is going to do. I'm more exhausted after a 3 minute round than running for half an hour on the treadmill


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