Who are the top 10 scoring leaders in the NBA?


– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Points: 38,387. Teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers.
– Karl Malone. Points: 36,928. Teams: Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers.
– Kobe Bryant. Points: 33,643.
– LeBron James. Points: 32,543.
– Michael Jordan. Points: 32,292.
– Dirk Nowitzki. Points: 31,560.
– Wilt Chamberlain. Points: 31,419.
– Shaquille O’Neal. Points: 28,596.

Kobe Bryant

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Moreover, Who scored the most points this decade?

– LeBron James and Kevin Durant scored at a gargantuan rate, with both players combining for 38,995 points (That’s more than the career point total of James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard combined).
– The Splash Bros.
– DeMar DeRozan started more games than any other player in the league.

Secondly, Who has the highest career scoring average in NBA history?

Rank Player PPG
—- —————– —–
1. Michael Jordan* 30.12
2. Wilt Chamberlain* 30.07
3. Elgin Baylor* 27.36
4. LeBron James 27.07

Simply so, Who scored the most points in the 2010s?


Who has the most points in the NHL since 2010?

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Who has the highest scoring points in the NBA?

Who is the top 10 greatest NBA players?

– Tim Duncan.
– Larry Bird.
– Wilt Chamberlain.
– Magic Johnson.
– Bill Russell.
– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
– LeBron James.
– Michael Jordan.

Who has the highest career high in NBA?

Player Career High Points Team (Franchise)
—————- —————— ———————
Wilt Chamberlain 100 Philadelphia Warriors
Kobe Bryant 81 Los Angeles Lakers
David Thompson 73 Denver Nuggets
David Robinson 71 San Antonio Spurs

Who led the NBA in scoring?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What are scoring titles?

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) scoring title is awarded to the player with the highest points per game average in a given season. The scoring title was originally determined by total points scored through the 1968–69 season, after which points per game was used to determine the leader instead.

How many scoring titles does Allen Iverson have?

4 Scoring Titles

Who are the top 5 NBA scorers of all time?

– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
– Karl Malone.
– LeBron James.
– Kobe Bryant.
– Michael Jordan.
– Dirk Nowitzki.
– Wilt Chamberlain.
– Shaquille O’Neal.

Who is all time scoring leader in NBA?

Who is the best NBA player of the 2000s?

– Kevin Garnett: 2000-07 Minnesota Timberwolves, 2007-09 Boston Celtics.
– LeBron James: 2003-09 Cleveland Cavaliers.
– Shaquille O’Neal: 2000-04 Los Angeles Lakers, 2004-08 Miami Heat, 2008-09 Phoenix Suns, 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers.
– Tim Duncan: 2000-09 San Antonio Spurs.
– Kobe Bryant: 2000-09 Los Angeles Lakers.

Who are the top 10 scorers in NBA history?

– Stephen Curry. Credit: Getty Images.
– Larry Bird. Andrew D.
– Carmelo Anthony. Although Anthony is likely the worst overall player on this list, his scoring skills are more pronounced in comparison to the rest of his game than anyone else as well.
– Tracy McGrady.
– Jerry West.
– James Harden.
– Allen Iverson.
– Kobe Bryant.

Who won the scoring title in 2020?

James Harden

How many scoring titles does Harden have?

George Gervin, Allen Iverson and Kevin Durant have won four scoring titles in their career, and James Harden, George Mikan, Neil Johnston and Bob McAdoo have achieved it three times.

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