What jobs can a felon work?


– Welding. Many convicted felons find that welding is a rewarding career. …
– Electrician. If you need a job as a felon, consider working as an electrician. …
– HVAC Technician. …
– Carpenter. …
– Military. …
– Oil Field Jobs. …
– Truck Driver. …
– Marketing.

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Trugreen does not hire anyone with a felony.

Beside this, What jobs are off limits to felons?

Commonly prohibited industries are banking, insurance, health care and real estate. Lawyers, teachers, psychologists and other professions that require a license are also off limits if you were convicted of a felony. Convictions on the federal and state level can be pardoned by the president or governor, respectively.

Likewise, Do chemical plants hire felons?

When asked if they have hired felons in the past, they responded, “Yes. Dow is an equal opportunity employer.”

Also, What jobs dont require background checks?

– State Legislation. …
– No Guaranteed List of Jobs. …
– Independent Contractor. …
– Telephone Customer Service. …
– Delivery Drivers and Restaurant Staff.

What limitations do felons have?

– Possessing and purchasing a firearm.
– Voting.
– Jury duty.
– Traveling outside the country.
– Employment in certain professions.
– Parental rights.
– Public assistance and housing.

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What jobs dont do background checks?

No Guaranteed List of Jobs. Government jobs that don’t require background checks are available in a wide range of job title categories, such as engineering, clerical work, quality assurance, maintenance, construction, food service, food preparation, industrial equipment operation, packing and processing.

What can a felon not do?

– Voting.
– Traveling abroad.
– The right to bear arms or own guns.
– Jury service.
– Employment in certain fields.
– Public social benefits and housing.
– Parental benefits.

Does finish line hire felons?

Does the Finish Line hire people with felonies. Yes they do! They give second chances! Great place to work!

What are the restrictions of being a felon?

In addition to not being allowed to serve on a jury in most states, convicted felons are not allowed to apply for federal or state grants, live in public housing, or receive federal cash assistance, SSI or food stamps, among other benefits.

Is FedEx felon friendly?

FedEx will hire felons, but they are very selective during the hiring and interview process. If you have a recent conviction, multiple felonies, or violent felonies on your record you will be less likely to be hired by FedEx.

Do UPS hire convicted felons?

Short Answer: Yes, UPS does hire felons for a number of different entry level positions including package handlers, driver helpers and seasonal positions. This does not mean they will hire all felons, it only means that they do not have a blanket policy against hiring felons.

Does FedEx or ups hire felons?

Research by FelonHire.com has found FedEx hire felons, and that jobs for felons are available. But it does depend on the felony. Sex offenders or those convicted of a serious violent crime are unlikely to be hired.

Can I be denied a job because of a felony?

Individuals who have been convicted of a felony often experience difficulty in securing employment because many employers choose not to hire them. … However, a series of laws may prevent an employer from having a blanket policy against discriminating against employees who have been convicted of a felony.

Does subway do a background check?

Yes, Subway does a criminal background check before employment because they don’t hire felons.

What jobs can felons not do?

Most states ban felons from working within the health care industry. This applies to positions such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists. These laws exist to protect citizens and to prevent pharmaceutical drug theft. Although these laws are common, many felons work within the health care industry in low paying positions.

How can I get a job with a bad background check?

– Try applying for a position at a place that is less likely to do detailed background checks. …
– Be honest and upfront about any issues that your background check might bring up. …
– Run your own background and credit checks to see if they are returning accurate information.

How far back does FedEx background check?

A FedEx background check typically takes one to three days. The background check will look at information regarding criminal history over the past five years.

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