What is Sunset sauce at Mi Cocina?


What is Sunset sauce at Mi Cocina? The sauce is pretty easy to make. You will need cheese, milk, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, garlic, onion, diced tomatoes and I added red bell pepper. Start by rough chopping your ingredients.

also What are sunset enchiladas?

Sunset Enchiladas

Two to an order, served with Rice and Beans; Beef, Chicken or Spinach with Chile-Cilantro Queso.

What kind of food is Mi Cocina? Mi Cocina is a collection of neighborhood restaurants serving authentic Tex-Mex dishes and legendary margaritas all over Dallas – Fort Worth and beyond.

How much is a mambo taxi at Mi Cocina?

6. Mi Cocina has immortalized the Mambo with the creation of a limited-edition Mambo Taxi ornament. Glass-blown, hand-painted and priced at $25 each, these unique ornaments are the perfect gift for any Mambo Taxi lover on your list.

Is Mi Cocina expensive?

Mi Cocina serves a unique blend of Mexican and Texan cuisine.

Mi Cocina Menu Prices.

Item Size Price
Cocina Platter botanas combinadas $11.25
Nachos Al Carbon with chicken or beef fajita $8.25 – $11.25
Nachos Locos beef,beans,queso,guacamole y crema $7.95 – $10.25
Nachos Especial beef or chicken $7.95 – $9.25

Are Mi Cocina beans vegetarian?

Mi Cocina: With locations all over the DFW map, Mi Cocina makes it easy for vegans to dine out with their omnivorous friends and enjoy a night on the town. … Beans and rice are not vegan, but you can sub extra pico in their place.

Does Mi Cocina sell their salsa?

Mi Cocina is an artisanal food manufacturer with a variety of traditional Mexican salsa and corn chips.

Who owns Micocina?

Washburne is a co-founder of the M Crowd Restaurant Group, owning forty-six restaurants, including the Mi Cocina and Taco Diner restaurant chains. He also has real-estate developments in several states and is the CEO of Charter Holdings.

What does Mambo Taxi mean?

You see that Nike Swoosh (you even know that it’s capitalized) and you know it’s Nike, it’s athletic and it’s time to Just Do It. … Similarly, when someone says that they could go for a Mambo Taxi, it’s shorthand for an evening at Mi Cocina.

How many ounces is a mambo taxi?

6 of 8 Worth the Splurge

An average 12-ounce glass can contain as many as 700 calories, so stick to one and enjoy. Our Pick: The Mambo Taxi (pictured), a swirly blend of frozen margarita and sangría at Mi Cocina in Dallas.

Are Mambo Taxis gluten free?

Relax in our comfortable stylish surroundings with one of our legendary Mambo Taxis® served by our family of warm, friendly and professional staff. It’s our honor to serve you! They have a gluten free menu, and the food was very good, but it was overpriced for Mexican food.

Is Mi Cocina gluten free?

Mi Cocina, which has a location in our neighborhood at Preston and Forest, has rolled out a complete gluten-free menu after requests from several regular customers.

What is vegan at Mi Cocina?

They now have appetizers, salads, tacos and enchiladas that are all vegan. These items include the new Spicy Black Bean Dip, La Flaca Salad, Tacos de Papa, Smothered Black Bean Enchiladas, and the Crispy Guacamole Tacos.

Is Mexican sugar vegan?

Enjoyed my time with friends there, and it’s in a super location, but unfortunately there’s nothing for vegans to eat here besides chips and salsa and guacamole. …

Who owns Highland Park Village?

Highland Park Village

Opening date 1931
Developer Flippen-Prather Realty, Inc.
Management HP Village Partners, LP
Owner HP Village Partners, LP
Significant dates

What makes Tex Mex Tex Mex?

Tex-Mex food is a mixture of Texas-Mexican food as we know it today. It is a recent term created to suit some changes in Mexican cuisine. … Today, Mexican restaurants are using Texan ingredients such as beef and wheat flour to accommodate those who love Mexican food with a hint of Texan flavor.

How do you make a mambo?


  1. Ice Cubes.
  2. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Apricot Brandy.
  3. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Absolut Vodka.
  4. ⅓ Part 10 ml ⅓ oz Campari.
  5. 2½ Parts 75 ml 2½ oz Orange Juice.
  6. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Orange Curacao.

How many calories does a mambo taxi have?

Personalized health review for User added: mambo taxi: 650 calories, nutrition grade (N/A), problematic ingredients, and more.

Is there Everclear in the Mambo Taxi?

Optional if you want “Mi Cocina-strength” Mambos: ½ oz Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol (again, purely optional, and won’t change the taste if omitted)

What’s in a call a cab wet willies?

The original Call a Cab is made with Diesel 153-proof grain alcohol, rum, and cherry and strawberry flavorings.

Is Mi Cocina a franchise?

Mi Cocina is owned and operated by M Crowd Restaurant Group, which is privately held, and currently has restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma with plans to open additional locations nationally.

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