What happened to Charleys?


What happened to Charleys? For over 40 years, O’Charley’s has been drawing patrons into its doors with promises of fresh baked rolls and classic American food with a Southern flair. … Since 2016, at least 20 locations have closed with eight O’Charley’s restaurants calling it quits in June 2019 alone.

also What are Ocharleys sides?

O’Charley’s Menu Prices

O’Charley’s Menu
Baby Green Beans, Southern Coleslaw, Soup or Salad, French Fries, Bacon Smashed Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Fresh Broccoli, Baked Potato, Hush Puppies $0.00
Fresh Grilled Asparagus $1.49
Sweet Potato Fries $0.79

Who bought O Charleys? Enterprise, a multi-concept restaurant company that operated or franchised a total of 363 restaurants under three brands: O’Charley’s, Ninety Nine Restaurant, and Stoney River Legendary Steaks.


Type Subsidiary
Total equity US$178.2 million (2010)
Owner American Blue Ribbon Holdings
Website www.ocharleys.com

Is O Charley’s and dockside Charlie’s the same?

A seafood concept called Dockside Charlie’s and a chicken tenders venture called Coop & Run are already operating out of O’Charley’s kitchens, and two more brands are under development. … He had rebuilt the management team since assuming leadership of O’Charley’s as president in 2017.

Does Ocharleys have a Caesar salad?

There are 270 calories in 1 serving of O’Charley’s Side Caesar Salad.

Are there O Charley’s in Texas?

These States and Territories do not have any O’Charley’s locations – Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Guam, Delaware, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, American Samoa, Wyoming, Alaska, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Texas, …

Is O Charley’s a franchise?

O’Charley’s was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has been a quintessential American Restaurant with Southern Hospitality since its beginning in Nashville over 40 years ago.

About O’Charley’s.

Franchise Details:
Founded: 1971
Corporate Office: O’Charley’s 3038 Sidco Dr. Nashville, TN 37204

Where was O Charley’s founded?

Watkins formed O’Charley’s Inc. in 1971, which opened its first restaurant in Nashville. He sold the company 11 years later and then developed several other concepts, including co-founding Cheeseburger Charley’s with his son in 1988.

Who started O Charleys?

First came Charlie Watkins, the founder of O’Charley’s, who opened the company’s first restaurant in 1969. Watkins ran his lone O’Charley’s for the next 15 years.

Why is it called the 99 restaurant?

One of New England’s homegrown restaurant chains, Ninety Nine takes its name from the street address – 99 State St. in Boston – occupied by its first location.

Does O Charley’s serve brunch?

Join us every Sunday for Brunch from 10:00am – 2:00pm.

What kind of pie does O Charley’s have?

Of course, O’Charley’s was already known for its Ooey Gooey Caramel pie, which is always on the menu; other regulars include the double-crust peach (using fresh, not canned, cooked peaches), the traditional Southern pecan, French silk and country apple. There’s also a Brownie Lover’s Brownie on the menu.

What is good at OCharleys?

The Best & Worst Menu Items at O’Charley’s

  • Best: Chips and Spicy White Queso.
  • Worst: Top Shelf Combo Appetizer.
  • Best: Chicken Tortilla Soup.
  • Best: California Chicken Salad.
  • Worst: Overloaded Potato Soup.
  • Worst: Southern Fried Chicken Salad.
  • Best: Grilled Asparagus.
  • Worst: Classic Blue Cheese Wedges.

Who makes O Charley’s Pies?

About American Blue Ribbon Holdings

American Blue Ribbon Holdings (ABRH) is a diversified restaurant company that operates or franchises more than 630 company and franchise restaurants in 43 states. ABRH brands include O’Charley’s, Ninety Nine, Max & Erma’s, Village Inn, Bakers Square and Legendary Baking.

What is a 99 ice cream?

A 99 Flake, 99 or ninety-nine is an ice cream cone with a Cadbury Flake inserted in it. The term can also refer to the half-sized Cadbury-produced Flake bar itself specially made for such ice cream cones, and to a wrapped ice cream cone product marketed by Cadbury.

How many 99 restaurants are there in the United States?

-based multi-concept company that operates franchises and a total of 348 restaurants under three brands, including 111 Ninety-Nine Restaurant & Pubs throughout New England, New York and three in Pennsylvania.

How many Applebee’s are there?


An Applebee’s in Griffin, Georgia
Founded October 25, 1980 Decatur, Georgia, U.S.
Founders Bill Palmer T. J. Palmer
Headquarters Glendale, California , U.S.
Number of locations 1,787 (December 31, 2019)

How many chicken tenders come in O Charley’s family meal?

Famous Chicken Tenders Family-Style Meal

Serves 6. Chicken tenders dipped in buttermilk and lightly fried, with…

What time does O Charley’s close?

O’Charley’s will continue to serve customers Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Is O Charley’s gluten free?

O’Charley’s restaurant has a good variety of gluten-free dishes in pretty much every category. … They do state that there is a possibility of cross contamination, due to a shared preparation environment in their kitchens, so it may not be the best place if you are allergic to gluten.

What kind of oil does Ocharleys use?

(No Side) Soybean Oil. Grilled Top Sirloin, 6 oz. (No Side) Soybean Oil.

How much is a whole pie at O Charley’s?

O’Charley’s Restaurant And Bar Menu & Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Price
Whole Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie $14.99
Whole Country Apple Pie $14.99
Whole French Silk Pie $14.99
Whole Double-Crust Cherry Pie $14.99

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