Is Olive Garden a good place to work?


Other than the stress that comes with working at any restaurant, Olive Garden is a nice place to work if you’re looking for a fast-paced and jazzy environment. Would recommend. I have never seen a company do more for their employees than Darden does.

Similarly, How long are shifts at Olive Garden?

The pros of the job are that most of your shifts are going to be 4-5 hours long, unless you are working a “volume” shift. We have hardly any side work at the end of your shift and the management has been great. The cons are that you need a “server breaker” which give you a 30 minute break during your night shift.

Subsequently Is Olive Garden a hard job? What’s the most hectic part of the job? The hardest part is serving our unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. When people come in for lunch, they know that it’s a fast pace because they want to get in and get out, so constantly having to be on top of all your tables that have unlimited stuff can be very stressful.

Does Olive Garden get paid weekly?

Does Olive Garden pay weekly or biweekly? Olive Garden employees are paid on a weekly basis, typically on Fridays.

Does Olive Garden give you a uniform?

Uniforms are not fully provided for each position at Olive Garden. Hoestesses wear their own business casual attire. Servers are given aprons and books, bussers are given aprons, and bartenders are given aprons. Aside from that, all employees must provide their own black button down shirt and black dress pants.

Do Olive Garden hostess make tips?

Do Olive Garden Host Get tips? Since hosts and hostesses usually don’t get any tips, they get paid more per hour than waiters or waitresses do.

How many breaks do you get at Olive Garden?

Employees working at least 3½ hours are entitled to one paid break, and earn a second paid break after six hours.

Do Olive Garden waiters split tips?

Tip share consists of a set percentage of sales by the restaurant that night and a set percentage of tips collected from servers. This sum of money is split among those that are on the “Tip share” for that night and the respective hours they worked.

Does Olive Garden have paid training?

Yes, $8.25/hr (minimum wage). Yes orientation is paid hourly. Yeah, you do. It’s a lower rate during training, but that improves by a bit when you’re a regular employee.

What benefits do Olive Garden employees get?


  • Competitive Salary.
  • Medical/Vision/Dental/Life.
  • Short and Long-Term Disability.
  • Critical Illness and Accident Insurance through Aflac.
  • Dining Discount.
  • Paid Vacation.
  • Darden Employee Credit Union.
  • Nationwide Darden Discount Mall.

What do you wear when you work at Olive Garden?

A server’s black apron is provided by Olive Garden. Other pieces of the Olive Garden uniform are the responsibility of the waiter or waitress. Since this is clothing that’s worn every shift and washed frequently, it’s smart to buy workwear that’s affordable, comfortable, durable and easy-care.

What shoes do Olive Garden employees wear?

Shoes must be non slip for all employees. Employees working in the kitchen are given chef’s shirts, pants and aprons. Wear black button up shirts, black pants, and black slip resistant shoes. All black collared button down with black slacks and slip-resistent footwear.

What should I wear to an Olive Garden interview?

Olive Garden Interview Attire

Dress business casual or formal and remember you want to look like someone who can serve food. To look like you can serve food you need to wear your hair back, hide any tattoos, wear a minimal amount of jewelry, and trim your facial hair.

Do you get anything free at Olive Garden for your birthday?

Is there a free birthday offer in the restaurant? Olive Garden guests can receive a complimentary dessert on their birthday when they dine with us.

How many breadsticks does Olive Garden give you to-go?

In a to-go order, you get 2 breadsticks per meal. if you wish to have more than 2, you can get 6 extra for a fee.

How much do you make at Olive Garden as a server?

How much does a Server make at Olive Garden in the United States? Average Olive Garden Server hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.71, which is 20% above the national average.

Is it rude to not tip for takeout?

No, it’s not rude to leave no tip for take out. Tipping was never required for takeout service.

Do waiters prefer cash tips?

According to The Takeout’s advice columnist The Salty Waitress, most food industry servers prefer cash tips. They receive that money right away, instead of potentially having to wait until the next payday to receive credit card tips.

Do servers keep all their tips?

Servers keep their cash tips after they tip out hosts, bussers, bartenders. The IRS makes you claim your cars tips and cash tips, and take that out of their check. So no, servers don’t really keep all of their tips. … Tips left on card are given to server at the end of shift.

How much do servers make in tips at Olive Garden?

You get a $5 base hourly pay + 30–80 dollars in tipshare. Chances are you will make friends at your job and be directly tipped by servers, the extra tips will often bring your hourly wage as high as $15-$18 depending on the night/ hours worked.

What should I wear to orientation at Olive Garden?

6 answers. All black pants and shirt. Black non slip shoes, hair must be up. Wear whatever to orientation, but first day be sure to be in unifmore required for job position.

How much do Olive Garden hosts make?

Average Olive Garden Host/Hostess hourly pay in California is approximately $13.54, which is 16% above the national average.

Do Olive Garden employees get free food?

Free Breadsticks and dinner – can’t beat it! 25% off clock for you and guests. 50% off menu items on days you are scheduled. You get to eat at 4 restaurants for 50% off, you get fat from eating their food all the time.

What do Olive Garden employees wear?

A server’s black apron is provided by Olive Garden. Other pieces of the Olive Garden uniform are the responsibility of the waiter or waitress. Since this is clothing that’s worn every shift and washed frequently, it’s smart to buy workwear that’s affordable, comfortable, durable and easy-care.


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