How much is the gobbler Bowl at Wawa?


How much is the gobbler Bowl at Wawa? Both the Gobbler Hoagie and The Gobbler Bowl can be found at participating locations for a suggested price of $3.99 (may vary). And they’re only available for a limited time.

also How much is the gobbler at Wawa?

The cost of the sandwich came to $5.19.

Does Wawa have the gobbler now 2021? The Gobbler Bowl And Hoagie Return To Wawa Alongside New Vanilla Sugar Cookie Handcrafted Beverages For The 2021 Holiday Season. Hot turkey is back at Wawa with the return of the convenience store chain’s highly anticipated seasonal Gobbler menu.

What comes on the Wawa gobbler?

The Gobbler Hoagie comes with hot turkey, savory gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all inside a hoagie roll. You can also get the hoagie with sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes. Both potato options come with garlic aioli.

What’s the best sandwich at Wawa?

Wawa Sandwiches, Ranked

  • The Gobbler. Is there really any question about the Gobbler being the Number One Sandwich at Wawa? …
  • Ham hoagie. Wawa hoagies are at their best when you keep it simple. …
  • Cheesesteak, after midnight. …
  • Meatball sandwich. …
  • Cheese hoagie. …
  • Cheesesteak, before midnight. …
  • Pepperoni, hot or cold.

Are Wawa burgers good?

The burger was surprisingly good. Now, it’s not in the same category as a burger from your favorite local sit-down restaurant, but it’s definitely much better than anything you’d get at most fast-food restaurants. The ratio of burger-to-bun was perfect and I liked the toppings I chose.

Does Wawa still have $4.99 hoagies?

Wawa – Happening now: $4.99 Classic Hoagies®. | Facebook.

Does Wawa still have brisket?

Brisket is back on the menu at Wawa with the return of their popular brisket sandwiches and bowls. This time around the Brisket Sandwich is available in four varieties: BBQ, Garlic Aioli, Spicy Pepper, and Sriracha BBQ.

What kind of bowls does Wawa have?


  • Quinoa and Roasted Chicken Bowl with hummus, cucumbers, feta cheese, red onion, hot peppers, spinach and red wine vinegar (620 cals)
  • Rice and Bean Bowl with chicken steak, lettuce, red onion, salsa, and chipotle sauce (540 cals)

Does Wawa have sweet potatoes?

Sweet Potatoes. Feast your eyes, and your taste buds! Savor hot turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings you love, plus mashed or sweet potatoes.

What is so good about Wawa?

Wawa has award-winning freshly brewed hot coffee in your favorite flavors all day long. It offers an average of 100 different quality-ingredient variations at the impressive coffee stations, making it a must-have for their loyal customers.

Is Wawa expensive?

Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations that also offers a full menu from their kitchen. Because of that, Wawa prices are usually pretty low and you can get a great meal for around $5. And if you want a bigger meal such as a pizza or family-sized soups, you can get it for under $10.

Are Wawa meatballs good?

It’s served warm and well-toasted, with stringy, melty mozzarella and a crusty yet soft bread that’s perfectly satisfying. The sauce and meatballs are great, especially considering gas station expectations. The meatball hoagie is easily on the same level of quality as your favorite local deli.

Are Wawa fries good?

Does Wawa have french fries?

Get fresh baked Pasta, mouthwatering Burgers, Double Cheeseburgers, French Fries, and lots more, all starting at 4pm every evening.

What kind of hoagies does Wawa have?

Hoagies Available in four sizes to suit every appetite: Junior Hoagie® (4-inch), Shorti Hoagie® (6-inch) Classic Hoagie® (10-inch) and 2-foot Hoagie( sadly no longer available ). Enjoy Wawa’s cold hoagie favorites such as Italian or Oven-Roasted Turkey or savor our hot hoagies including Meatball and Cheesesteak.

Does Wawa still have the Gobbler?

So many ways to gobble up Hot Turkey. Give thanks – Hot Turkey is back! Try The Gobbler on a hoagie or in a bowl, freshly made with all your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.

Does Wawa take coupons?

Yes, you can combine your Wawa Rewards coupon with another manufacturer coupon at any participating Wawa store.

What is Wawa short for?

Our Logo: “Wawa” is a Native American word for the Canada Goose that was found in the Delaware Valley over 100 years ago.

Is the Wawa brisket good?

Brisket wasn’t bad and I like Wawa mac and cheese. So for this dish it’s two thumbs up, nice comfort food. The second bowl we tried was the Honey Brisket Bowl. This bowl was brisket over cheesy grits and topped with dill pickles.

What is the best breakfast at Wawa?


HEALTHIEST BREAKFAST SANDWICH: Egg white omelet breakfast sandwich with avocado on whole wheat (380 calories, 15 g fat, 42 g carb, 21 g protein). For a sturdy and filling high-protein and fiber-rich breakfast, go with an egg white omelet breakfast sandwich made on whole wheat.

Are Wawa salads good?

The most nutritious option at Wawa is the garden fresh salad, which you can purchase through “Grab and Go Express,” a quick way to pick up a meal and not have to wait for any ingredient customization and preparation. The salad includes garden-fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, red onions, and croutons.

What is in a Wawa brisket Bowl?

Meanwhile, Wawa’s returning Brisket Bowls lineup includes BBQ Brisket Mac and Cheese, Cheesy Old Bay Brisket Mashed Potato, Cherry Pepper Brisket Mashed Potato, and Honey Hot Brisket. BBQ Brisket Mac and Cheese Bowl: Shredded brisket with BBQ sauce served over mac and cheese.

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