How much is a Jr burger at Sonic?


How much is a Jr burger at Sonic? Sonic Drive-In Menu Prices

Jr. Burger $3.39
Chicken Strips 2 Pc. $3.59
Grilled Cheese $2.99
Beef Hot Dog $3.39

also How much is a junior burger at Sonic?

Sonic Menu With Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Size Price
Jr. Burger $3.39
Chicken Strips 2 Pc. $3.59
Grilled Cheese $2.99
Beef Hot Dog $3.39

What is a junior burger? Hamburger (formerly known as the Junior Burger in some countries) consists of a 1.6-ounce (45 g) ground beef patty, with 0.125 ounces (3.5 g) ketchup, mustard, dill pickle slices and re-hydrated onions on a toasted bun. In most of the New York City area, it is served without mustard.

How much is a large Reese’s blast at Sonic?

The Reese’s Overload Blast goes for $3.49, while the Reese’s Overload Waffle Cone costs $2.99. Prices may vary by location. You can find the new frozen treats at participating Sonic Drive-In restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

What is Sonic’s biggest burger?

SuperSONIC® Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

How much is a Sonic cheeseburger combo?

Sonic Combo Meals

Sonic Cheeseburger combo meal $6.49
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger burger only $5.29
SuperSONIC Double Bacon Cheeseburger combo meal $7.79
SuperSONIC Double Bacon Cheeseburger burger only $5.99
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER combo meal $6.99

Are Sonic burgers 100 beef?

Sonic beef patties are prepared from only 100% pure ground beef produced exclusively in USDA inspected plants and meeting all USDA requirements for 100% Ground Beef Patties.”

What’s the difference between a Whopper and a Junior Whopper?

How much is a junior whopper at Hungry Jacks?

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices

Menu item Price
Whopper Junior w/ Cheese (burger only) $6,10
Whopper Junior w/ Cheese Meal (small) $9,30
Whopper Junior w/ Cheese Meal (medium) $10,30
Whopper Junior w/ Cheese Meal (large) $11,30

• Feb 16, 2019

What is in a Junior Whopper?

Our Whopper Jr. Sandwich features one savory flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun.

What is a sonic blast vs shake?

Sonic Blasts kick the milkshakes into high gear with extra sweet flavors using some of our favorite candies and cookies. The franchise uses real vanilla ice cream, but they mix it or whip it so that it’s more like a shake than ice cream.

What kind of ice cream treats does Sonic have?

Frozen Favorites. SONIC’s cool and creamy treats always hit the spot! Sonic’s ice cream infused with your choice of Oreo®, M&M’s®, Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, or Butterfinger®, topped with whipped topping and candy.

Does Sonic have Reese’s Pieces?

Sonic Unveiled 2 New Desserts Packed With Reese’s Cups And Peanut Butter. … The Reese’s Overload Blast has Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Mini Reese’s Pieces candy blended with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.

Does Sonic have secret menu?

If you love Sonic’s slushes, onion rings, corn dogs and cheeseburgers, you’ll want to know the inside scoop on Sonic’s secret menu. Yes, that’s right a secret menu to add to their ever-growing regular menu!

Does Sonic have bacon cheeseburgers?

The Bacon Jam Cheeseburger starts with a quarter-pound, 100% pure beef patty, layered with American cheese, crispy bacon and a sweet and savory bacon onion jam, topped with mayo and mustard, all on a toasted brioche bun. …

What should I order at Sonic?

Most Popular Items at Sonic

  • Mocha Crunch Blast. #1.
  • Cheeseburger. #2.
  • Mozzarella Sticks. #3.
  • Tots. #4.
  • Cherry Limeade. #5.
  • French Fries. #6.
  • Ocean Water. #7.
  • Jumbo Popcorn Chicken. #8.

What is Sonic’s crave sauce?

To make secret crave sauce at home you will need Miracle Whip, Chili Sauce, Ketchup, Pickle Relish, Chopped Pimiento, Lemon, Sugar, Onion Powder, Paprika and Turmeric.

How do I get a free Route 44 from Sonic?

Simply complete their customer satisfaction survey at and get to enjoy a free Route 44 drink while at it.

Is Taco Bell meat horse meat?

Taco Bell has officially joined Club Horse Meat. The fast-food chain and subsidiary of Yum Brands says it has found horse meat in some of the ground beef it sells in the United Kingdom. … Sure, the mastermind behind the Double-Decker Taco Supreme is a fast-food mainstay in the US.

Is Sonic burger real beef?

The new burger debuted on the menu Monday and starts at under 350 calories. The recipe includes three ingredients, the company says: 100 percent pure beef, mushrooms and seasonings.

Are burgers at Sonic good?

9. The burgers at Sonic are surprisingly yummy. Whether you want a classic hamburger or something with a twist like the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Sonic is the place to go. Their Burgers are surprisingly yummy, and for the low prices of the Sonic menu, they’re totally worth it.

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