Does Burger King have two for five fish sandwiches?


Does Burger King have two for five fish sandwiches? Fans of the 2 For $5 Mix and Match will recall the value menu included any two of the following select entrees for 5 bucks: Whopper Sandwich. Fish Sandwich. Original Chicken Sandwich.

also Does Burger King have 2 for 6 fish sandwiches?

Arriving just in time for the 2019 Lenten/seafood season, Burger King welcomes back its popular 2 For $6 Mix Or Match deal, now featuring the Big Fish Sandwich. The popular promotion includes any two of the following select sandwiches for 6 bucks.: Whopper, Big Fish, Crispy Chicken and Spicy Crispy Chicken.

What is Burger King mix and match? If you’re a bargain hunter, then you may not like the latest change to Burger King’s discount menu. … Under the old Mix ‘n Match, you could order any two items out of four on BK’s menu for $5: a Whopper, a chicken sandwich, a fish sandwich, or nine-piece chicken fries.

What deals does Burger King have right now?


  • NEW USER – Free Whopper, Croissan’wich, or OCS w/ purchase of $3+ …
  • Free 3 Pc French Toast with any Purchase. …
  • WHOPPER WEDNESDAY – $2 Whopper or Impossible™ Whopper. …
  • WHOPPER WEDNESDAY – $2 Whopper or Impossible™ Whopper. …
  • $1 Large Onion Rings. …
  • $1 Large French Fries. …
  • BOGO Stacker King.

Does Burger King have a $2 meal?

Burger King has announced a new meal deal. It contains one cheeseburger, 10 chicken nuggets, one medium fries, and a medium soft drink, all for $2 — a price that is so unfathomably low that it’s making us, alongside basically everyone on Twitter, ask just what in the name of hot hell goes into this “food.”

What is the special at Burger King?

Current Offers at Burger King:

Burger King® Menu Item Description Price
Double Whopper 1 Double Whopper $3
Single Stacker King Meal 1 Single Stacker King, 1 Small French Fries, 1 Small Soft Drink $5
Whopper Meal 1 Whopper Sandwich, 1 Small French Fries, 1 Small Soft Drink $5
Large Fries An order of Large French Fries $1

What is Burger King’s mix and match 2 for $5?

Mix and Match, grab 2 sandwiches for just $5! Offer includes a WHOPPER® Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Alaskan Fish Sandwich.

What kind of sides does Burger King have?

All meals include entree, choice of side, drink and treat. Sides include applesauce and French fries. Drinks include apple juice and milk (fat free and low fat chocolate). Also if you like, instead of a treat you can choose applesauce or a soft serve cone or cup instead.

What sandwiches are buy one get one for a dollar at Burger King?

Get Buy-One-Get-One For $1 Special at Burger King

  • For a limited time, buy one of the selected menu items and get a second item (of equal or lesser value) for just $1 at participating locations. …
  • Single Bacon King.
  • Big Fish.
  • Chicken Fries (9-piece)
  • Impossible Whopper.
  • Original Chicken Sandwich.
  • Whopper.

Does Burger King still have 2 for 6 deal?

2 for $6 includes your choice of two featured entrées: Italian Original Chicken Sandwich, Whopper, Impossible™ Whopper, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, or 9 pc. Chicken Fries. No substitutions. Single item at regular price on menu.

What is the buy one get one for a dollar at Burger King?

For a limited time, buy one of the selected menu items and get a second item (of equal or lesser value) for just $1 at participating locations. You don’t have to buy the same item, so mix-and-match for your own personalized pairing.

What is on the new Burger King dollar menu?

Burger King Just Added a New Burger to Its $1 Menu

The Rodeo Burger features fried onion rings and hot and spicy BBQ sauce on top of a Whopper Jr. patty inside a sesame bun. … The $1 Your Way menu now includes the Rodeo Burger, Chicken Jr. Sandwich, value fries, and a 16-ounce value drink.

What is a number 9 at Burger King?

Burger King USA Menu Prices and price list 2019

7. Whopper Jr. 1.99 4.99
8. Original Chicken Sandwich 3.99 6.29
9. Bacon Cheddar Tendercrisp 5.99 7.99

Is the Burger King we miss you meal real?

The offer can be redeemed by any app user that hasn’t been active in at least 90 days, BK confirmed to Fox News. The burger chain tweeted out an image of the Snack Box $2 offer on Tuesday, captioning it, “We Miss You.” … “It’s no way Burger King is a real place,” one user quipped on Twitter.

How can I get a free Burger King?

The source shares that customers who purchase the new Ch’King Sandwich will receive a free Whopper. All you need to do is go to the BK app (or visit BK online) and find the coupon under the “offers” section.

Does Burger King use horse meat in their burgers?

After weeks of denials, Burger King says four new tested meat samples showed the presence of horse DNA. As a result, they’ve parted ways with their meat supplier, Ireland-based Silvercrest Foods Company. Burger King says its U.S. restaurants don’t use meat from Silvercrest, and there’s no chance of contamination here.

Does Burger King have a bundle box?

Craving burgers? Hop over to the Burger King website or app and score a $14.99 BK Family Bundle! This includes 3 Whoppers, 3 Cheeseburgers, and 3 Small French Fries – enough for the family to share! Check the coupon on the app for more details, or click on offers.

Do Burger King have the buy one get one for a dollar?

Bargain hunters get treated like royalty at Burger King. The fast-food chain’s latest promo lets customers enjoy two menu items on the cheap. For a limited time, buy one of the selected menu items and get a second item for just $1 at participating locations. …

What is on the Burger King dollar menu?

The fast food chain also offers a $1 Your Way Menu at participating restaurants. Guests can choose the Rodeo Burger, Chicken Jr., Value fries, and Value fountain drink, all for $1! It’s the King’s version of the dollar menu.

What deals does Wendy’s have right now?

Offers & Coupons

  • Free Drink with Any Purchase to Support Adoption.
  • $2 Off Any Breakfast Combo.
  • Free Any Size Fry with Purchase.
  • Buy One Premium Sandwich, Get One for $1.
  • $2 Off Any Premium Combo.
  • Free Baconator® Fries with Mobile Purchase.

Why is Burger King so cheap?

Cheap nuggets are Burger King’s way of getting people in the door. … What they are is a loss leader, which means Burger King (and other fast food chains in the same boat) are willing to lose a little money on an item if it gets customers in the door who will purchase other items.

Does Burger King have mozzarella sticks?

100% real melt in your mouth Mozzarella cheese, covered in delicious batter and fried to crispy perfection. Mozzarella sticks are always a great snack or addition to your BK® meal.

What does Burger King have for dinner?

Steak Sandwich Dinner Basket. Chicken Dinner Basket. Shrimp Dinner Basket. Flame-broiled Meatloaf Sandwich.

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