Can you eat Popeyes on keto?


While it might not be the most exciting low carb side ever, keto at Popeyes is still possible. Most fried chicken fast food restaurants will have some kind of green bean side dishes. To make a solid keto meal pair a regular side of green beans with a 3 piece of the blackened chicken tenders.

Secondly, How many carbs are in 2 pieces of Popeyes Chicken? Carbs in Popeyes Fried Chicken Mild Breast Meat And Skin With Breading. Popeyes Fried Chicken Mild Breast Meat And Skin With Breading (1 breast, with skin) contains 18.9g total carbs, 18.1g net carbs, 31.6g fat, 41.6g protein, and 526 calories.

Is Popeyes high in carbs? Popeyes is low carb friendly thanks to their blackened chicken tenders which you can pair with green beans for a low carb meal. They also have some fried chicken that’s moderately low carb, especially if you’re disciplined enough to remove some of the crispy skin before eating.

Furthermore, How many carbs in a Popeyes chicken sandwich without the bun? Original Chicken Sandwich No Bun No Pickles (1 filet) contains 10g total carbs, 10g net carbs, 11g fat, 23g protein, and 230 calories.

How many carbs are in a biscuit from Popeyes?

POPEYES, Biscuit (1 biscuit) contains 23.9g total carbs, 22.9g net carbs, 14.4g fat, 3.4g protein, and 239 calories.

Is Popeyes Chicken unhealthy?

Popeyes chicken is definitely unhealthy

But when it comes to Popeyes, there’s bad news for fans — it’s particularly bad. … One of Popeyes’ new and insanely popular sandwiches comes with a shocking 690 calories, 42 grams of fat, and 1,443 mg of sodium.

How many calories are in 4 pieces of Popeyes Chicken? Popeyes 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets Calories

There are 150 calories in 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets from Popeyes.

Can a diabetic eat Popeyes Chicken? Fried Chicken Restaurants

In general, poultry is a smart choice while following a diabetes-friendly diet—except when it’s breaded or dipped in flour and fried. This version adds not just carbs but saturated fat and calories as well to menu items at restaurants like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Popeyes.

Is fried chicken keto?

As a general rule, you can eat fried chicken without breading on keto. When you don’t have breading on chicken it will have zero carbs, making it perfect to eat on a keto diet.

How many calories are in Popeyes chicken tender combo? Popeyes Chicken Spicy Tenders (3 Pcs) Calories

There are 310 calories in a Chicken Spicy Tenders (3 Pcs) from Popeyes.

How many calories in a Popeyes chicken sandwich without the bun?

Popeyes doesn’t currently list the chicken sandwich on their website, but the company did confirm to Healthline several nutritional facts. Each sandwich contains: 690 calories.

How many carbs are in Popeyes apple pie? Nutrition Facts

Calories 296 (1238 kJ)
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 260 mg 11%
Total Carbohydrate 35 g 12%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%

Is Popeyes chicken tenders real?

Popeyes boasts bonafide real chicken that is “marinated for at least 12 hours, then hand-battered, hand-breaded, and bursting with bold Louisiana flavor.”

Is Popeyes healthier than KFC?

Popeye’s Breasts pack in the most salt, with 1330 mg of sodium (nearly a day’s worth) in every 440-calorie breast, and KFC’s Extra Crispy Breast isn’t far behind, with 1140 mg sodium per 490-calorie breast. Both have nearly as much fat as protein, with a carb content close to that of a serving of pasta.

What is the healthiest fast food? 10 Healthiest Fast-Food Menu Items

  • Arby’s Roast Chicken Entrée Salad. …
  • Panera’s Napa Almond Chicken Salad on Country Rustic Sourdough. …
  • Chick-Fil-A’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich. …
  • Starbuck’s Tomato and Mozzarella Panini. …
  • Dunkin’s Veggie Egg White Omelet. …
  • Wendy’s Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato.

How many calories is in Popeyes Chicken sandwich? Popeyes doesn’t currently list the chicken sandwich on their website, but the company did confirm to Healthline several nutritional facts. Each sandwich contains: 690 calories. 42g Fat.

What handcrafted tenders?

What makes these tenders so special? Popeyes Handcrafted Tenders are always 100% breast meat, never formed or pressed, marinated in Louisiana seasonings, hand battered and breaded, then cooked up fresh at Popeyes just for you!

Can fried chicken raise blood sugar? Foods high in fat can cause your blood sugar to stay higher for longer. Pizza, French fries, and most fried foods are high in carbohydrates and fat. So are many Chinese food favorites like egg rolls and the breaded chicken found in sweet and sour chicken.

Can you eat Popeyes coleslaw on keto?

As far as side dishes go, the only one suitable for keto is the green beans. The cole slaw comes out to 10g net carbs, but isn’t really worth it, in my opinion.

Can you eat fried chicken and lose weight? When it comes to eating fried chicken and catfish, it’s more common to have people say it’s a no-no as it relates to losing weight. The truth is that you can eat deep fried foods and lose weight while also contributing to your health once you understand that the skin isn’t as bad as you thought.

Can u eat fried chicken low carb diet?

Fried chicken isn’t a healthy choice. … In addition, fried chicken contains about 8–11 grams of carbs per medium-size piece. Grilled chicken is a much better option and available at many Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchises. Each piece of grilled KFC chicken has less than 1 gram of carbs.

How many carbs are in crispy fried chicken? Crispy Chicken (1 serving) contains 16g total carbs, 14.2g net carbs, 10g fat, 16g protein, and 225 calories.

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