Will Home Depot load your truck?

  1. Pro Loaders are in-store associates dedicated to loading your truck, flatbed, trailer or shop van with the supplies you need to get the job done.
  2. They have the skills, equipment and knowhow to take loading concerns off your hands and help you get back to what you do best.

Subsequently, Where is the cheapest place to rent a truck? 5 Cheapest Moving Truck Rental Companies

  • U-Haul.
  • Enterprise.
  • Penske.
  • Home Depot.
  • Budget.

Do you tip Home Depot loaders? At Home Depot, tipping is strictly prohibited. If the service provider is a third-party contractor, though, they don’t have to abide by Home Depot’s policies.

Yet, What does a yellow tag at Home Depot mean? According to MyDomaine, if the price tag is yellow that means an item is on clearance. A price ending in . 06 indicates that the price will drop three more cents within six weeks. When the price ends in . 03, the item must be sold within three weeks—otherwise, it’s off the shelf for good.

Do you tip the guy who cuts wood Home Depot? No tip ,never ask for help .

Are budget Trucks reliable?

Yes, Budget’s trucks are reliable. All its locations perform 10-point inspections on the equipment before each rental. The company maintains its equipment regularly, purchases new trucks annually and retires older vehicles. If something does go wrong, the company offers 24/7 roadside assistance.

How much is it to rent a truck in California?

Cheap Pickup Truck Rentals in Los Angeles

Pickup truck $32/day
Pickup truck $32/day
Pickup truck $38/day
Pickup truck $38/day
Pickup truck $38/day

Will a queen mattress fit in a Home Depot cargo van?

With the right planning, it’s possible to load a queen size mattress, box spring, and multiple boxes in a U-Haul cargo van. The cargo van has plenty of room to move household items found in small apartments, studios, or dorm rooms while providing protection from the elements during transportation.

Will a couch fit in a cargo van?

Cargo van rentals are usually perfect for small moves, such as a college dorm room move or a studio apartment move. You should be able to fit a mattress (either a twin mattress or a queen mattress) and box spring inside the van. In addition to a mattress, nightstands, a sofa and several boxes should fit nicely inside.

What is the length of a Home Depot cargo van?

Home Depot has three different truck sizes that are available for your local move, all of them on the smaller side.

Home Depot Truck Sizes and Dimensions.

Flatbed pickup truck Cargo van Moving box truck
3,000 3,000 3,850
77.3 277.7 515

• Aug 3, 2021

What can fit in a 9 foot cargo van?

In the most basic terms, a 9-foot cargo van should be spacious enough to fit a queen-size mattress and a box spring with relative ease.

9′ Cargo Vans Can Hold:

  • Queen-sized beds.
  • Small to medium-sized tables.
  • Small couches.
  • Small to medium-sized wardrobes.
  • Some sectional sofas.


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