Why did Fonterra sell Tip Top?


Continuous investment. Miles Hurrell, CEO, Fonterra said it was ‘time to hand the baton to new owners’ because the brand needs continuous investment and focused ownership which it was ‘not in a position to do right now’.

New Zealand’s iconic ice cream company has a new owner, after global ice cream company Froneri today purchased Tip Top from Fonterra for $380 million. Fonterra CEO Miles Hurrell confirmed the sale, saying it was a bittersweet moment for Fonterra.

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Also, Has TIP TOP been sold?

Fonterra has sold Tip Top ice cream to Froneri for $380m (US$250m), with the sale expected to be completed May 31. Froneri is the third largest ice cream manufacturer in the world, selling well-known ice cream brands in 20 countries.

Hereof, Who is tip top owned by?

In 2019 Fonterra sold Tip Top for $380 million to UK-based company Froneri, a joint venture owned by Nestlé and PAI Partners.

When was Tip Top founded?


Likewise, Who was Tip Top sold to?

NZ’s Fonterra sells Tip Top ice cream to Froneri for $250 million. (Reuters) – Dairy group Fonterra on Monday confirmed the sale of its New Zealand Tip Top ice cream business to UK-based Froneri for NZ$380 million ($250.3 million), as it looks to trim its portfolio and focus on international markets.

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How did tip top start?

Discover the rich history of Tip Top over the last 80 years. Albert Hayman and Len Malaghan start the company by opening a store at 36 Manners Street in Wellington, the first to specialise in Ice Cream & Milk Shakes. In July 1936 the Tip Top Ice Cream Company is registered as an official company and manufacturer.

Is Tip Top NZ owned?

Tip Top is a New Zealand ice cream brand owned by Froneri (a joint venture between PAI Partners and Nestle), but was formerly Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Fonterra Co-operative Group based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is Tip Top ice cream vegetarian?

I scream, you scream, even vegans can now scream for Tip Top’s newest ice cream. The ice cream company has launched a plant-based version of its iconic Trumpet, suitable for vegan and gluten-free consumers.

What does Tip Top make?

That year, Tip Top produces more than 55 million litres of ice cream, around 4 million Jelly Tips, up to 13 million Trumpets, and nearly 8 million Popsicles. The most popular flavours of the 80th year are: Vanilla (935,000 litres) Boysenberry (313,000 litres)

Who bought Tip Top ice cream?


Which ice cream brands are vegetarian?

– Baskin-Robbins Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme.
– Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Pints.
– Daiya Chocolate Fudge Crunch dessert bars.
– Double Rainbow (Soy flavors only)
– Haagen-Dazs Non-Dairy Collection.
– Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss.
– Ripple Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts.

What does Tip Top Produce?

Tip Top today Tip Top produces around 41 million litres of ice cream a year, and Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd has around 400 employees. Today, the three most sold bowl ice cream flavours are Vanilla, Hokey Pokey and Jelly Tip.

Where did tip top originate?

New Zealand

Who bought Tip Top NZ?


Who invented Tip Top?

Albert Hayman

Is Tip Top ice cream halal?

A triple treat of creamy vanilla, rich chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice cream. Certified Halal.

When did tip top start?


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