Who is the new girl on Fox 2 News Detroit?


Deena Centofanti

FOX 2 News is working for you with the Problem Solvers. If you have a story idea, we want to hear from you! Call the news desk at 248-557-2000. You can also email us by clicking below but please include your phone number so we can reach you faster!

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Moreover, How do I contact problem solvers?

– Customer Support. info@problemsolversbike.com. 877-997-2572.
– Follow Us. Facebook.
– Find a Retailer.
– Headquarters. 6400 W 105th St. Bloomington, MN 55438.

Secondly, What happened to KTVU Channel 2?

KTVU FOX 2 moved to a new frequency, starting on Monday, March 9, 2020, as directed by the Federal Communications Commission, the government agency that regulates the public airwaves.

Simply so, How do I contact KTVU news?

WEBSITE: www.ktvu.com If you have a news tip or story idea, email newstips@foxtv.com or call our 24/7 news tip line 510-874-0242. If you want to share information with our investigative team, email ktvu2Investigates@foxtv.com or call their tip line at 510-874-0222.

How do I contact fox2 news?

FOX 2 News is working for you with the Problem Solvers. If you have a story idea, we want to hear from you! Call the news desk at 248-557-2000.

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Is KTVU owned by Fox?

KTVU has been a Fox affiliate since 1987, but has been owned by Cox Media for the past 51 years. KTVU, which went on the air in 1958 as an independent station, became one of the first affiliates of the fledgling Fox network.

Who left Fox 2 Detroit weather?

Sherry Margolis

Is Alan Longstreet with Fox 2?

He’s been with Fox 2 Detroit for five years, where he works the A.M. shift and is a familiar face on the morning show “The Nine.” He’s also something of an exercise expert for the station.

How can I watch KTVU?

Simply download the KTVU news app to your mobile devices from the links below from the Apple iTunes store or at Google play. The link at the top of the app to the KTVU livestream will allow you to watch the KTVU Fox 2 newscasts on your phone or tablet.

Is Fox 5 affiliated with Fox?

FOX 5 is owned and operated by FOX Television Stations, which is technically a separate entity from Fox News Channel, the conservative cable behemoth. In an increasingly polarized media ecosystem, local television news is often one of the only platforms that reaches people regardless of political affiliation.

Where is Fox 2 Detroit located?

16550 W 9 Mile Rd Southfield

Who is the new girl on Fox 2 detroit?

Deena Centofanti

Where did Jill Washburn go?

Washburn joined CBS-62/CW-50 in July 2014 as a Host of the Street Beat Community Affairs Programming and left the same year in December. She has also worked for one year as a Spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Jill joined Fox 2 Detroit in June 2018 and has been working as a weather forecaster.

How do I contact WSB TV?

– Address: 1601 West Peachtree St.
– Main Phone: 404-897-7000.
– Channel 2 Action News Newsroom: 404-897-6276.
– News Tips: newstip@wsbtv.com.
– Submit Investigative Tips: Click here to fill out the form.
– Station/Programming Comments/Sales Inquiries:
– Submit Community Event:
– Clark Howard Consumer Action Center:

How can I contact Elliott Davis?

Just call our newsroom at 314-644-7531 for general news tips and breaking news stories. You can also e-mail us at KTVINews@tvstl.com. Or just fill out this form. I want to submit a report for Contact 2 with Mike Colombo or You Paid For It with Elliott Davis.

What channel is KTVU?

channel 2

What channel is WSB TV?

channel 2

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