Who is adenuga’s father?


Oloye Michael Agbolade Adenuga Sr

Mike Adenuga Siblings – Demola Adenuga and Otuba Adenuga Mike Adenuga has two other siblings named Demola and Otunba.

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Also, Is skepta related to Mike Adenuga?

Adenuga is the younger sister of JME and Skepta, who are both London-based Grime artists and record producers, as well as co-founders of the Boy Better Know record label.Jan 27, 2020

Hereof, Are Mike Adenuga and Wale Adenuga brothers?

Mike Adenuga Siblings – Demola Adenuga and Otuba Adenuga Mike Adenuga has two other siblings named Demola and Otunba.

What is Wale Adenuga net worth?

Wale Adenuga has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry, indeed a household name, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $4 million dollars.May 18, 2020

Likewise, Is Julie adenuga related to Mike Adenuga?

Her name is Julie Adenuga. She is not Globacom CEO, Mike Adenuga’s daughter either. … Julie Adenuga is sister to hiphop artistes Skepta and JME (Joseph & Jamie Adenuga) who founded grime crew “Boy Better Know’. She also recorded backup vocals on her brother’s debut album, Famous in 2008.Jun 18, 2015

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What does adenuga mean?

Adenuga is a surname of Yoruba origin, meaning “the king/crown/royalty has a foundation”. Notable people with the surname include: Jamie Adenuga, stage-named Jme, an English grime artist.

Who is the real owner of Glo?

the Mike Adenuga Group

Which country is the owner of Glo?


Who is the richest man in Lagos?

– Aliko Dangote. $7 Billion.
– Folorunsho Alakija. $2.5 Billion.

Is JME vegan?

Jamie Adenuga, better known by his stage name Jme, is a grime MC and co-founder of the crew and label Boy Better Know. He went vegan in 2012. “We don’t need to eat animals.

Is skepta related to Wale Adenuga?

He is the eldest of four siblings, and grew up on Meridian Walk Estate in Tottenham. His brother Jamie Adenuga, well known as Jme, is a musician. Skepta studied in Winchmore Council School. Who Is The Most Popular BTS Member?

Is Papa Ajasco Wale Adenuga?

Papa Ajasco and Company (formerly The Ajasco Family) is a Nigerian family television sitcom created by Wale Adenuga in 1996. The show is a spin-off of a feature film of the same title produced by Wale Adenuga in 1984, which in turn is based on the comic Ikebe Super.

Is skepta vegan?

Good to know. In contrast to some rappers’ hedonistic hip hop lifestyles, JME doesn’t smoke or drink and he’s a dedicated vegan. Skepta doesn’t eat flesh either, but he’s merely a vegetarian – he says he ‘can’t live without cheese’.Oct 13, 2015

What is Skepta’s real name?

Joseph Junior Adenuga

What is JME real name?

Jamie Adenuga

Are Skepta and JME brothers?

Personal life. Adenuga is a vegan and teetotaler. Adenuga is the brother of Beats 1 DJ Julie Adenuga, fellow grime artist Skepta, and graphic designer and producer Jason.

How much is skepta worth?

Skepta net worth: Skepta is an English rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $2 million. Skepta was born in Tottenham, North London, England in September 1982. He is well known for his work in the grime scene.

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