Where is Eldorado Stone made?

  1. SAN DIEGO, CA – Eldorado Stone, manufacturer of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, has been voted the number one brand for manufactured stone and brick veneer in BUILDER Magazine’s 2017 Brand Use Study.

Subsequently, How many square feet does a box of Cultured stone cover? Coverage based on 1⁄2″ mortar joint: Flat Packaging: 111⁄4 square feet per box / 124 square feet per big box. Corner Packaging: 8 linear feet per box / 64 linear feet per big box.

How long does Eldorado Stone last? There are grout and mortar manufacturers that will support their product’s use in these installations. Eldorado Stone’s 50 Year Limited Warranty will still cover our veneer products for manufacturing defects.

Yet, How much is natural stone veneer a square foot? The national average materials cost to install natural stone veneer is $4.03 per square foot, with a range between $3.21 to $4.84. The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $18.99, coming in between $16.71 to $21.28.

What is the difference between faux stone and veneer? There may be some stone veneers that are made from real stone, which are referred to as natural stone veneers. Faux stone veneer, however, is made from a mixture of concrete. Which is primarily cement mixed with lightweight aggregate, that has been blended with pigments to give it a natural look.

How long will Cultured stone last?

A. As Cultured Stone® products are a lightweight con- crete material, they will last as long as any quality con- crete or masonry material such as concrete block, brick etc. Cultured Stone® products carry a 50 year limited warranty. Q.

How thick is cultured stone?

Q. What is the average thickness of Cultured Stone® products? A. 1 3⁄4″ average (from 1″ to 2 5/8” depending on texture).

How much mortar do I need for cultured stone?

Apply 1/2 inch of mortar to a 5 square foot area using a square trowel. Press the mortar firmly into the lath. Scratch or score the surface in a horizontal direction using a steel bristle brush or metal rake. Continue applying the scratch coat until the work area is completed.

Can you put stone directly on cement board?

What can I put stone veneer on for an interior application? For interior applications, stone veneer can be installed over cement board, drywall, and all of the above.

Do I need a scratch coat for veneer stone?

A scratch coat will be needed when metal lath is used. This step is not necessary when applying stone veneer to a cleaned concrete, masonry, or stucco surface.

How do you stick stone to concrete board?

What do you put behind stone veneer?

Stone veneer joints should now be filled with a grout mix—which can be the same mortar mix used for the scratch coat and bonding mortar. A grout bag—a canvas bag with a metal nozzle on one side—is the tool of choice for this work.

What is the best mortar for stone veneer?

Type N. If you’re looking for a reliable, general-purpose mix, type N mortar might be the winner. This mortar mix has a medium compressive strength and consists of 1 part Portland cement, 1 part lime, and 6 parts sand. It typically achieves 28-day strength at approximately 750 psi.

Does stone veneer need weep holes?

In short, weep holes aren’t required;) There is a small “buffer” zone(usually vapor barrier) between the stone veneer and stud wall/sheathing.

Can I put stone veneer over plywood?

Prepare sheathing surfaces such as plywood or drywall to receive stone veneer by applying two layers of weather-resistive barrier. StoneCraft stone veneer can be directly applied onto masonry surfaces. 2. Install galvanized 2-1/2-pound or heavier metal lath over the barriers.

How thick is Eldorado Stone?

How thick are the stones? Our product ranges from roughly 0.5′′ to 3.5′′ depending on the profile. You can download our stone dimensions by profile in the Downloads section of the website. Is Eldorado Stone® combustible?

How many square feet does a box of Cultured Stone cover?

Coverage based on 1⁄2″ mortar joint: Flat Packaging: 111⁄4 square feet per box / 124 square feet per big box. Corner Packaging: 8 linear feet per box / 64 linear feet per big box.

Does manufactured stone fade?

Manufactured stones have a tendency to fade and lose color with time. They are also lighter, which is a pro because they’re easier to install, but also a con because it makes them less durable.

How thick is manufactured stone veneer?

Full-dimension manufactured stone veneer starts at around 2 inches thick and increases to various thicknesses, often up to 6 inches thick. Thin profile manufactured stone veneer is never more than 2 inches thick.

How much does manufactured stone weigh?

A. The weight of Cultured Stone® products is approxi- mately 8-12 lbs. per square foot.

How thick is stack stone?

Stack stone is a stone veneer product measuring 1″ to 2.5″ thick and therefore thinner than traditional stone siding for easier, lighter handling.


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