When did actor George Brent die?


May 26, 1979

6′ 1″

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Moreover, Is Ann Sheridan still alive?


Secondly, When did Ann Sheridan die?

January 21, 1967

Simply so, What happened to Ann Sheridan?

In 1966, Sheridan began starring in a new television series, a Western-themed comedy called Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats. She became ill during the filming and died of esophageal cancer with massive liver metastases at age 51 on January 21, 1967, in Los Angeles.

When was Ann Sheridan born?

February 21, 1915

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When was George Brent born?

March 15, 1904

Was Bette Davis married to George Brent?

Personal life. Brent was married five times: to Helen Louise Campbell (1925–1927), Ruth Chatterton (1932–1934), Constance Worth (1937), Ann Sheridan (1942–1943), and Janet Michaels (1947–1974). Brent also had affairs with actresses Greta Garbo and Bette Davis, the latter a frequent Warner Bros. co-star.

Did Ann Sheridan sing?

Clara Lou Sheridan (February 21, 1915 – January 21, 1967), known professionally as Ann Sheridan, was an American actress and singer. She worked regularly from 1934 until her death, first in film and later in television.

When did George Brent pass away?

May 26, 1979

Could Ann Sheridan sing?

Born Clara Lou Sheridan in Texas in 1915, she was a tomboy as a girl. Ann trained as a teacher before a beauty contest win — which came with a screen test at Paramount –intervened. Although not a musical star, per se, Ann was allowed to sing in several films and had a damned good voice.

How old is George Brent?

75 years1904–1979

How old was Bette Davis when she made Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

While most of the attention given to 1962’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? has focused on the alleged enmity between stars Bette Davis, then 54, and Joan Crawford, then 57 (forming the basis for FX’s Feud, which begins March 5), THR’s focus was on money.

Who was the love of Bette Davis life?

William Wyler

How old was Bette Davis when she made All About Eve?

Bette Davis had just turned 42 as she undertook the role of Margo Channing, and Anne Baxter, still an up-and-comer, not only wowed audiences with her performance, but successfully pressured the powers that be for an Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category, rather than Best Supporting Actress.

Did Bette Davis marry?

Personal Life. Davis married four times. Her first marriage, to bandleader Harmon Oscar Nelson Jr., ended in divorce; her second husband, businessman Arthur Farnsworth, died in 1943. With third husband William Grant Sherry, Davis had a daughter named Barbara.

Is Bette Davis still alive?


How much was Bette Davis worth?

How much is Bette Davis Worth? Bette Davis net worth and salary: Bette Davis was an American actress who had a net worth of $2 million dollars at the time of her death in 1989 after adjusting for inflation.

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