What was the original title for Ghostbusters?


Ghost Smashers

September 13, 1986

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Also, What are the 4 original Ghostbusters names?

– Bill Murray (Peter Venkman)
– Dan Aykroyd (Ray Stantz)
– Harold Ramis (Egon Spengler)
– Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore)
– Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett)
– Rick Moranis (Louis Tully)

Hereof, Who was supposed to star in Ghostbusters?

Sigourney Weaver

Which one of the Ghostbusters died?

Harold Ramis

Likewise, What does Gozer say in Ghostbusters?

The disembodied voice of Gozer demanded that the Ghostbusters “Choose the form of The Destructor!” – the form Gozer would assume to destroy them with. While Winston, Egon, and Peter were able to clear their minds, Ray accidentally thought of something, ” something that could never, ever possibly destroy us!

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Can you actually call the Ghostbusters?

In September 2014, Sony created a promotional toll-free phone number (212-897-1964), based in New York City (hence the 212 area code), for fans in the United States to call. This number was created for the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary, as well as for promotion of the then recently-released Blu-rays.

Are you a god Ghostbusters quote?

Winston Zeddmore: Ray. If someone asks if you are a god, you say, “yes!” Winston Zeddmore: Ray. If someone asks if you are a god, you say, ‘yes!Jun 8, 1984

What happens if you call the Ghostbusters number?

You’ll instead be directed to an answering machine, where one of the Ghostbusters will tell you: “Hi there you’ve reached the Ghostbusters hotline. Due to the considerable rise in paranormal activity we can’t take your call.

Are any of the original Ghostbusters dead?

Harold Ramis
Ramis in 2009

How much did the original Ghostbusters make?

The film earned $282.2 million during its initial theatrical run, making it the second-highest-grossing film of that year, and the highest-grossing comedy of all time at that point.

Which Ghostbusters are dead?

Harold Ramis
Resting place
Alma mater

Are you the Keymaster quote?

“I am the Keymaster Are you the Gatekeeper?” It’s a pretty simple sex joke, but one that totally went over your head when you were a kid.

Which of the original Ghostbusters died?


What was Ghostbusters supposed to be called?

Ghost Busters

Who was supposed to be in Ghostbusters?

The actors he had in mind for the three main protagonists were himself, John Belushi, and Eddie Murphy. His concept involved dozens of Ghostbuster groups fighting specters across time and different dimensions.

How much money did Ghostbusters lose?

The film grossed $229 million worldwide, but due to its combined production, marketing and other costs, the studio estimated the break even point at $300 million, the film ended up being a box office bomb, with losses of over $70 million for the studio.

Is Harold Ramis still alive?


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