What is the word explosion mean?


noun. an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise, as of gunpowder or a boiler (opposed to implosion). the noise itself: The loud explosion woke them. a violent outburst, as of laughter or anger. a sudden, rapid, or great increase: a population explosion.

– KY (adj.) …
– 木漏れ日 Komorebi (n.) …
– わびさび Wabi-sabi (n.) …
– 別腹 Betsu bara (n.) …
– 森林浴 Shinrinyoku (n.) …
– 積ん読 Tsundoku (n.) …
– シブい Shibui (adj.) …
– 過労死 Karōshi (n.)

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Moreover, What Japanese name means explosion?


Secondly, What Japanese name means demon?

In Japanese mythology and fantasy, mazoku (魔族) are supernatural beings, normally evil ones such as devils or demons.

Simply so, What Japanese name means strong?

KENTA (健太): Japanese name meaning “healthy/strong and big/stout.” KICHIRO: Variant spelling of Japanese Kichirou, meaning “lucky son.”

What name means mysterious in Japanese?

幽玄 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word meaning, dim, deep, mysterious, subtle grace, hidden beauty, mysterious profundity, elegant simplicity, or subtle and profound. This can also be the Japanese personal name Yuugen or Yugen.

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What kind of word is exploding?

verb (used without object), ex·plod·ed, ex·plod·ing. to expand with force and noise because of rapid chemical change or decomposition, as gunpowder or nitroglycerine (opposed to implode). to burst, fly into pieces, or break up violently with a loud report, as a boiler from excessive pressure of steam.

What is the base word for explosion?

Originally, explosion was used to mean “scornful rejection,” from its root in the Latin explodere, “hiss off the stage,” and a disappointed audience today might still be described as “exploding with boos.”

What are some basic Japanese words?

– Hai. Yes. はい。
– Iie. No. いいえ。
– O-negai shimasu. Please. おねがいします。
– Arigatō. Thank you. ありがとう。
– Dōitashimashite. You’re welcome. どういたしまして。
– Sumimasen. Excuse me. すみません。
– Gomennasai. I am sorry. ごめんなさい。
– Ohayō gozaimasu. Good morning. おはようございます。

What are some cool Japanese names?

– Fuji – unsurpassed or unique.
– Haru – to stretch.
– Haruto – soar or fly.
– Hiroto – soar or big flight.
– Itsuki – independence.
– Kai – paddle.
– Kane – bell.
– Kenji – prosecutor.

What Japanese name means death?


What is the synonym of explosion?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for explosion, like: blast, bursting, rat-a-tat-tat, detonization, bang, bomb, detonation, burst, blowout, blowup and backfire.

How many Japanese words do I need to know?

If Not A Large Vocabulary, Then What Is Needed? Generally speaking, you need to know about 3,000 – 5,000 Japanese words to be fluent in the language. But it can’t just be any words, as you could simply learn the names of people, places, and Pokémon to hit one or two thousand.

Who is the Japanese devil?


What is explosion Short answer?

An explosion is a rapid expansion in volume associated with an extremely vigorous outward release of energy, usually with the generation of high temperatures and release of high-pressure gases. Subsonic explosions are created by low explosives through a slower combustion process known as deflagration.

What word class is explosion?

noun. noun. /ɪkˈsploʊʒn/ 1[countable, uncountable] the sudden violent bursting and loud noise of something such as a bomb exploding; the act of deliberately causing something to explode a bomb/nuclear/gas explosion There were two loud explosions and then the building burst into flames.

Who is the god of death in Japanese?


What are some cool Japanese last names?

– Abe. This is a common last name, which is one of the oldest too.
– Abiko. This is another beautiful name for a baby that the grandparents can suggest.
– Aoki. This beautiful Japanese surname means ‘green tree’.
– Agawa.
– Ando.
– Ageda.
– Ahane.
– Aikawa.

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