What is not covered by CarShield?

  1. CarShield plans cover parts in the brake system, but they don’t cover brake pads, shoes, or rotors.
  2. CarShield covers parts such as the master cylinder, power assist booster, and actuators.

Subsequently, Does Ice T really use CarShield? Ice-T might trust CarShield, you shouldn’t. Ice-T tells us in his frequently run commercial that he insures his cars through CarShield – he stands in front of numerous cars wanting us to believe they are his. Unless he is a complete idiot, he doesn’t, or gets it for free.

What is the mileage limit for CarShield? Yes, CarShield does have a mileage limit. CarShield’s mileage limit is 300,000 miles, which is higher than the limits from most third-party service-contract providers, allowing you to cover older, breakdown-prone cars with a CarShield contract.

Yet, Does CarShield cover electrical problems? This vehicle service contract is great for covering most electrical and computer related problems including Engine Control Module, Starter, Alternator, Navigation/GPS, Electrical System & more.

How do I cancel my auto shield? How do I stop my coverage? If for any reason you need to change or discontinue your vehicle protection plan, please call Customer Service at 1-800-587-4162.

What is better than CarShield?

What company is better than CarShield? In our review of the best extended car warranty companies, we name Endurance as our top pick for Best Coverage. CARCHEX and Protect My Car also rank higher than CarShield in our review based on customer service, reputation, coverage and cost.

Does CarShield cover pre existing conditions?

Adverse Selection. Since pre-existing conditions are not covered under a vehicle protection plan (a.k.a. “Extended Car Warranty”), submitting claims with full knowledge that they exist is committing fraud.

Does CarShield cover oil leaks?

SEALS AND GASKETS: Leaking seals and gaskets for all covered parts of YOUR VEHICLE are covered, however minor loss of fluids or seepage due to normal expansion / contraction of seals and gaskets due to age / mileage IS NOT considered a Mechanical Breakdown or Failure (and not coverable by YOUR CONTRACT).

Will CarShield replace a engine?

CarShield pays for repairs to the mechanical parts of your vehicle. Most CarShield protection plans will cover engines, transmissions, drive axles, water pumps, and transfer cases (a metal casing that delivers power in four-wheel-drive).

Is there a lawsuit against CarShield?

Yes, CarShield is in a class action lawsuit. The main ongoing class action lawsuit they are involved in began in May 2017 and was filed due to mail advertisements that are accused of being misleading and in violation of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994.


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