What does Chogi mean in Korean?


Posted by Grant Barrett on February 6, 2017 · Add Comment. To cut a chogi, also spelled choagy or chogie, is an English slang term meaning “Let’s get out of here.” It probably stems from Korean: cheogi or jeogi means “there” (it’s opposite, yeogi, means “here”).

Considering this, What does Gomawo mean in Korean?

thank you

Also, What does chagi mean in Korean?

Means spinning or whirling. Example: Doolgae Chagi literally translates as Spinning Kick; often this term refers to a 360 Roundhouse or Tornado Kick; some schools also use the term doolage chagi to refer to a spinning Back Hook Kick.

Regarding this, What does Chogiyo mean?

excuse me

What is the meaning of Yeobo?


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What is Yobo in Korean?

yobo is ‘darling’ in korean … ‘

What does Chua mean in Korean?

Chua [좋아]: Okay.

Can I call my boyfriend Yeobo?

5. Yeobo – “Darling” / “Honey” (for married couples) … Taking a step higher from “jagi,” the word “yeobo” is used by married couples whenever they want to call each other “honey” or “darling.” (Again, only married couples.

What does Apayo mean in Korean?

This is followed by 아파요 (apayo) which in English means hurts. 아파요 (apayo). So altogether, we have 배가 아파요 (baega apayo) which is a literal translation of stomach hurts or my stomach hurts.

What does Molla mean in Korean?

I don’t know

What does Kajima mean in Korean?

Two of my favorite words in Korean are 하지마 (hajima) and 가자마 (kajima). They are both common words in everyday 반말 (banmal) or informal language, and they appear in just about every K-pop song. 하지마 (hajima) usually is translated as “Don’t do it”.

Can I call my boyfriend treasure?

Treasure Your lover is the most beloved and priceless possession in this world. Let him know that by calling him your ‘treasure’. This one has a different kind of romantic aura around it.

What is Jagiya in Korean?

자기야 (jagiya) or 자기 (jagi) are really affectionate terms between couples. So in dramas, you may hear these words being used often between married couples. It’s a way of saying, “honey, sweetie, baby, etc.” 여보 (yeobo)Nov 18, 2014

What does Kumaon mean in Korean?

If you are to say ‘Thank You’ in a formal manner, then you say ‘Kamsahabnida’. If your thanking a friend or casually thanking someone, then you say ‘Kumaon’ (make sure not to pronounce the ‘n; at the end). A formal sorry would be ‘Mianhabnida’ (this is easier than the other type of formal apology).

What do Korean call their wife?


What is Shipeo in Korean?

it means “i want to do~~~”Nov 1, 2016

Is Oppa flirty?

With the right inflection, oppa can be a really flirtatious way for a girl to let a guy know she’s into him. And, once in a relationship, the girl will continue to refer to her beau as oppa. … They often think oppa means “boyfriend,” but that’s not the case.

What is Gomawo Korean?

What is the meaning of 고마워 (gomawo)? Since this is an informal and less polite way of saying “thank you” in Korean, it’s similar to saying “thanks” in English.

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