How much is Equinox Hudson Yards membership?

  1. You don’t get exclusive access to the sprawling gym floor, studios, swimming pools or lounge areas.
  2. Instead, guests can be escorted by security to the sixth-floor E by Equinox, the brand’s notoriously expensive, ultra-exclusive training club.
  3. I could not wait to see what a $500 monthly gym membership gets you.

Subsequently, How much is Chelsea Piers membership? Chelsea Piers, Pier 60, 20th St at the Hudson River (212-336-6000, Membership fee $142–$180 per month.

Can you sleep in an Equinox gym? Sleep is a powerful addition to anyone’s health routine and the Equinox Hotel prioritizes a restful night. The rooms have been soundproofed (a major plus in New York City), and are equipped with next-generation blackout blinds. The beds are super comfy and are layered with temperature-regulating natural fibers.

Yet, Can I get equinox day pass? Equinox Fitness Clubs are not located in all regions; visit to locate the nearest club. Offer entitles subscriber to receive one (1) Day Pass to Equinox Fitness Clubs per ninety (90) day period during the first twelve (12) months of subscription, for a total of four (4) Day Passes.

Can you get a day pass at Equinox Hudson Yards? Equinox Members with Select or All-Access memberships interested in experiencing Après Equinox can purchase a Day Pass to Hudson Yards for $35. Equinox Hudson Yards members can bring a non-equinox member guest with them for a charge of $50. Guest passes can be purchased at the Front Desk.

How do I cancel my Equinox membership?

I want to cancel my membership. How do I do that? You may cancel in club with a club manager, via registered or certified mail, or through our Concierge via phone at 866-332-6549 or email at

What is sleep coaching equinox?

According to Equinox, their sleep coaches work with each person individually to find the best routine to give them optimized sleep for their lifestyle and schedule. (It’s important to point out that Equinox’s sleep coaching program doesn’t come cheap. It’s $495 for six sessions, in addition to membership fees.)

How much is Equinox membership Boston?

Members pay $200 to $300 initiation fees and $160 to $250 monthly rates. They rave about the gym’s amenities, which include classes taught by former Olympians and spa treatments.

Can you negotiate Equinox price?

If you ask nicely, Equinox will sometimes be willing to waive the initiation fee. I’ve never tried this personally, but there are instances where people were able to negotiate with a manager for a discounted rate.

Can you split an Equinox membership?

Except for permitted Sub-Accounts (see Section 1.5 of the Additional Terms: Service Memberships and Purchases), you may not allow your Account to be used by any other person.

How much is the Equinox app per month?

For $40/Month, Equinox’s Variis App Is Now Accessible to All | Well+Good.

Does Equinox have military discount?

Equinox – Equinox doesn’t offer a military discount but there is a way to save $300 a year on the membership and the deal is even better for Active Duty Servicemembers and their spouses.

What is Platinum Equinox?

Part of those new perks is the addition of new partners, including Equinox, a luxury fitness company. Amex Platinum cardholders, upon enrollment in the benefit, now have up to $300 in statement credits with Equinox that can be used to get $25 back per month on select Equinox memberships.

What does Equinox plus offer?

Equinox+ members have unlimited access to Equinox, SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Headstrong, Rumble and TB12 classes. As of Feb 23, Solidcore, a Pilates-based workout, will be added to the platform.

Does Equinox auto renew?

The chain’s contracts, claims the suit, force members to “automatically and perpetually renew” their memberships, making it exceedingly difficult for them to quit. Equinox operates 64 upscale health clubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and a variety of other U.S. cities, as well as in locations overseas.

Can you cancel Equinox membership?

I want to cancel my membership. How do I do that? You may cancel in club with a club manager, via registered or certified mail, or through our Concierge via phone at 866-332-6549 or email at

Can you downgrade Equinox membership?

If you’re still in your first year of membership, you can only technically cancel your Equinox membership if you relocate 25 miles away from a gym or have a doctor’s note (just like grade school.)

Can Cancelling a gym membership affect your credit?

A cancelled gym membership will usually not go on a person’s credit report, but a debt arising from the action may.

Can you put your Equinox membership on hold?

Yes, all members can continue to freeze their membership upon reopening at no additional charge.

How hard is it to cancel Equinox membership?

According to Equinox’s FAQ page, all cancellations must be done in-person with a club manager, through the Member Administration department, which you can email at, over the phone (866-332-6549), or through registered or certified mail sent to your home club.

How do lockers work at Equinox?

When they’re ready to head home for the day, all they need to do is enter their unique code and retrieve their belongings. At this time, the locking system will refresh and the locker will automatically become available to generate a new code for a new user.

Can I pause my Equinox membership?

Yes, all members can continue to freeze their membership upon reopening at no additional charge.

Can you cancel Equinox membership before 12 months?

If you want to cancel and have been an Equinox member for under 12 months, you may cancel with appropriate notice (specified on your membership agreement) for the following reasons: relocation, medical, or job loss. Breaking your contract when it’s under one year can be tricky, so make sure to be firm!

Should I cancel my Equinox membership?

Canceling during the first year of your membership can be challenging. Most of their contracts stipulate that you can only terminate your subscription if you: Have a medical issue that prevents you from going to Equinox.

Canceling Equinox Membership With a Letter.

Can I Cancel With Yes / No
In-person Yes
Letter Yes

Can you leave stuff at Equinox overnight?

Our fitness studios, club lounges, and locker room benches are kept uncluttered for ease of use. We ask that your belongings be kept in a locker or at our seasonal coat check. Any unattended items will be gathered up. We can’t guarantee the safety of your valuables, so please leave them at home.

What do you wear in the steam room equinox?

Clothes – The sauna is not the community clothes dryer for wet or sweaty clothes. Proper attire includes swimming suits or towels.

How do you use lifetime locker?


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