How do I sign up for Kroger digital coupons?


Simply go to (or download the Kroger app) and create an account (or login to your existing account). You will need to enter your Kroger Plus Loyalty Card Number. Load up to 150 coupons at a time to your card. This includes Kroger Cash Back Offers loaded to your card.

Similarly, How do I get a digital coupon?

Consequently, How do I do digital coupons on my phone?

Keeping this in consideration, How many times can Kroger digital coupons be used? Once you have loaded the digital coupons to your card, you can use each one 5 times for a SINGLE transaction/purchase. IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction. You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days.

Can you scan coupons on Kroger app?

We do not accept coupons presented on an app or mobile device. We only accept digital coupons found on our App or our website.

How do I load paper coupons on my Kroger card?

You can start by creating an account or through our mobile app, and add your Shopper’s Card to your account. To load coupons to your Shopper’s Card, click the “Load to Card” button on each coupon.

Can you load coupons to Kroger app?

1. Load Kroger app coupons to your Kroger Plus Card in the app. You can find tons of digital coupons — both store and manufacturer offers — to load on your Kroger account through the free Kroger app.

How do I scan a QR code with Kroger?

Once you’re ready to check out, simply:

  1. Go to any in-store checkout lane in a participating store.
  2. Access Kroger Pay via one of the methods listed below.
  3. Enter your four-digit PIN or scan your biometrics.
  4. At checkout, scan the QR Code displayed on your device on the item scanner or present it to the cashier.

Will Kroger take expired coupons?

Like many other stores, Kroger’s coupon policy states that they won’t accept expired coupons. Fortunately for us, they have “Make It Right,” a policy that promises customers that they can walk out happy.

How do I scan a QR code with Kroger?

Can you use Kroger digital coupons with manufacturer’s coupons?

Note this is not limiting you to 5 coupons but five coupons for the same product. You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per product, whether the coupon is paper or digital doesn’t matter. This means if you have a digital coupon in your Kroger app and a paper coupon you can only use one.

How do I use Kroger coupons online?

Kroger Digital Coupons are something ANYONE can take advantage of!

  1. Simply go to (or download the Kroger app) and create an account (or login to your existing account). …
  2. Load up to 150 coupons at a time to your card. …
  3. At checkout, the coupon(s) will automatically deduct based on your purchases.

How do I scan QR codes?

You can use the basic camera app to scan QR codes on most Android devices.

  1. Open your Android device’s camera app.
  2. Move your camera so the QR code is in the frame. …
  3. Open Lens and move your camera so the QR code is in the frame.
  4. The QR code’s URL will appear over it.

Can you use coupons for Kroger delivery?

While we can’t accept paper coupons on Delivery orders, we do accept digital coupons! Digital coupons can be clipped online and are automatically applied to your order. You’ll see discounts either at the time of delivery or in the form of an online payment adjustment within 48 hours.

How do I scan QR codes online?

How to read barcode

  1. Upload your image or use take a photo of a barcode.
  2. Choose recognition quality and barcode type (optionally).
  3. Click on the “Read Barcode” button.
  4. Get recognition results.

Can you double coupons at Kroger?

Kroger Accepts Coupons at Face Value. While in the past Kroger has allowed double coupons, their current policy only accepts at their face value. That means they do not offer double coupons (or double the amount of individual coupons).

Does Kroger still mail coupons?

Kroger mails you personalized coupons every four to six weeks. The coupons you get in the mail from Kroger (or Fred Meyer, same store) will be a combination of manufacturer and store coupons, and they’ll be based on your shopping history.

How can I get manufacturer coupons?

6 Free Sources of Manufacturer Coupons You Can Find Online

  1. This website is perhaps the largest source of manufacturer coupons. …
  2. This site offers manufacturer coupons that can be printed or saved to a grocery-store loyalty card.
  3. …
  4. Manufacturer websites. …
  5. Retailer websites. …
  6. Retailer apps.

What does Kroger 5X digital coupons work?

5X Event – Kroger. Simply clip your coupons once and use up to 5 times in one transaction, with your Card. But you’ll need to act soon…this great deal ends 3/1.

How do I register a QR code?

How do I create a Registration QR Code?

  1. To create registration using QR Code, select Email in the free generator above.
  2. In the Email field, enter the target or the recipient’s email address. …
  3. Now, enter the subject of the email in the next field. …
  4. Then, enter the content in the body of the email.

How do I open a QR code on my phone?

How do I setup a QR code?

For Android users

  1. On the Google Chrome app, navigate to the website you want to create a QR code for.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the icon of three vertical dots.
  3. Tap Share in the drop-down, then select QR Code. …
  4. Beneath the QR code on the next screen, tap Download to save the QR code to your device.

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