How do I sign up for free Pandora?


– Enter the email address you would like to use.
– Enter a password.
– Enter the required registration information (be sure to enter your Birth Year only and not your entire Birth Date).
– Review the Terms Of Use and Privacy policy.

Now, Pandora is offering free access to its premium tier—as long as you don’t mind watching a few ads first. … This option is also available if you have Pandora Plus, a $5/month service that lets you replay songs, skip as much as you want, and listen offline.

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Moreover, Does Pandora have a free trial?

Enjoy the #1 music streaming service in America. Follow directions provided to sign-up for a 14 day trial of Pandora Premium. After 14 days, your trial period will end. If you have a Pandora account and have taken advantage of a free trial within the past 12 month period, you are not eligible for this offer.

Secondly, Can you use Pandora for free?

Free Pandora is our ad-supported radio service. As a free listener, you can create stations based off of your favorite artists, songs, and genres. We’ll take care of curating the music for you, give us feedback on what you like and don’t like.

Simply so, How long can you listen to Pandora for free?

40 hours

How do I log into Pandora?

Sign in with your current Pandora account Go to, tap Log In, and log in using your full email address and password.

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How do you get 1 hour free on Pandora?

To get an hour of songs without ad interruptions, users simply need to click one of the brands’ advertising banners, which will contain a label saying that a click-through will result in an hour of ad-free listening.

How can I play Pandora without stopping?

When you encounter the timeout message, simply click or tap anywhere on the Pandora music player to continue listening. To limit timeouts you can upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, which allow you to listen for longer periods without interruptions.

How many hours does Pandora give for free?

40 hours

What comes with Pandora premium?

The $4.99/month Pandora Plus subscription is essentially an ad-free version of Pandora’s automated radio stations. In addition to no ads, you’ll get unlimited skips and replays, the ability to create personalized stations, higher-quality audio, and a way to listen to offline stations.

What’s the difference between Pandora Plus and Premium?

With Pandora Plus, users can enjoy unlimited skips and some offline listening for $4.99 a month. Pandora Premium offers all of the same features as Pandora Plus, plus unlimited offline listening and the ability to create and share playlists, all for $9.99 a month.

How do you switch accounts on Pandora?

– Sign into your account, then click the icon (initial or picture) in the upper right corner.
– Click on Settings > Account.
– Tap Save to update your information when you are finished making changes.

How do I stop someone from listening to my Pandora account?

– Pause your account on devices you are not currently using.
– Create an additional account to play a separate stream.
– Upgrade to Pandora Premium Family to share your subscription and play multiple different streams.

Why does Pandora keep stopping on my computer?

If you are using an internet firewall or anti-virus program, it could be blocking portions of our site. Try allowing access to within those programs, and then try visiting our site again. If this doesn’t help, then try disabling such programs entirely as a test to see if this affects your issue.

How much does pandora cost?

Pandora offers three types of subscriptions. Pandora Plus is $4.99 USD/month or $54.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable). Pandora Premium is $9.99 USD/month or $109.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable), unless you qualify for a Student or Military discount.

Can you share your Pandora account?

Each Pandora account on your family plan can only play one stream of ad-free content at a time from your individual accounts. If there’s a particular playlist or station you love, you can share it with another Pandora account, including one on your Family Plan.

Can you get Pandora for free?

Pandora is a personalized music streaming service that offers a free account to be used on any desktop or mobile device. The free version includes ads, but it allows you to create custom radio stations and discover new music and artists.

How do I sync my Pandora account?

– Click on Music and then Pandora.
– Choose your top Pandora stations or your favorite workout stations. This should start the syncing process on your device.

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