How do I activate my Lidl coupon?


Similarly, Is Lidl Plus free?

Yes, Lidl Plus is completely free and just requires you to download the app and sign up!

Consequently, Why won’t my Lidl coupons activate? Why can’t I view or activate my coupons or offers? If you’ve checked all the above points and are still unable to activate your coupon, try closing and reopening the app, or logging off and on again. Still having problems? Please ask a member of staff in store or contact our Customer Service team.

Keeping this in consideration, Can you add points to Lidl app? Sorry! We do not currently have the ability to add any transactions to your account manually. The digital card or screenshot needs to be scanned at the time of your shop. Please allow 48 hours for receipts to show on your app.

Can I use Lidl app in any store?

Use the new Lidl app for iPhone and Android to explore all of our current and upcoming offers wherever you are at the touch of a button. The app now has a new Country Selection feature which means app functions and information can be accessed for stores throughout Europe.

Can 2 people share Lidl Plus?

Can I control multiple devices in my app? Yes, to do so, group devices of the same type (e.g. bulbs with bulbs) or create scenarios.

Can I have 2 Lidl Plus accounts?

Can I have my account on more than 1 device? Regretfully no, You must take all reasonable precautions to keep safe and prevent fraudulent use of your My Lidl login details and must not be shared.

How does a Lidl Plus card work?

What are the benefits of Lidl Plus? Once you’ve registered for Lidl Plus you’ll get discount coupons, special offers and draws each time you scan your digital card at the till. The app stores all your digital receipts in one place, and you can browse your favorite products and brands.

Why is my Lidl Plus app not working?


To find out why you can’t log in to the app, please check whether: – There is a new version of the app available, if so, install the latest version. – Your user ID has been blocked as a result of a number of attempts to enter an incorrect password.

What has happened to Lidl Plus?

Everyone on the Lidl Plus app has now moved from the scratch card to Lidl’s Spin of Surprises to have a chance of winning a variety of prizes,” the spokesman said. Christian Härtnagel, chief executive at Lidl GB at the time said: “Our customers know that we offer the best quality products at market leading prices.

Can 2 people have the same Lidl app?

A: Confirm whether the other user has an account on the app. Confirm whether you are both registered in the same country / region. You can only share devices with users who are registered in the same country/region. Bluetooth Mesh and ZigBee devices do not support the sharing of separate devices.

Can you link 2 Lidl Plus accounts?

Can I have my account on more than 1 device? Regretfully no, You must take all reasonable precautions to keep safe and prevent fraudulent use of your My Lidl login details and must not be shared.

What is Lidl spin of surprise?

Lidl Great Britain Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Lidl”) is conducting a promotion called Lidl’s Spin of Surprises Promotion for a chance to receive a digital reward coupon (referred to as the “Promotion”) which is only available to registered Lidl Plus Members (see and the Help section of the …

Can I check stock in Lidl?

The only way to find out what our stores have in stock is to visit stores directly. Due to the nature of our business we can’t advise live stock levels in our stores and our promotional offers are while stocks last. Did you find this information helpful?

What is the Lidl Plus card?

What is the Lidl Plus card? The digital Lidl Plus card contains a QR code, which, when you scan it at the till, identifies you as a Lidl Plus user. This applies any discounts to your shop, triggers your scratchcard, and stores a digital version of your receipt in the ‘Receipt history’ section.

How do I link my Lidl Plus card?

No problem, follow these 3 simple steps below.

  1. Download Lidl Plus from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the Lidl Plus app and follow the quick and easy registration instructions.
  3. Activate your coupons, scan your card on the app at the checkout and start saving!

What is the Lidl app good for?

The supermarket Lidl has launched an app that offers shoppers exclusive discounts and points for rewards – so how much money can you save and is it easy to use? Available on Android and iPhone iOS, the Lidl Plus app lets you activate offers and collect points using a digital rewards card when you’re at the checkout.

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