Can you drive a Prius with a bad hybrid battery?


Prius is a parallel hybrid meaning that if one of the components fails, the vehicle can still operate until it can be repaired properly. The short answer to this question is yes,the Toyota Prius can still drive if the hybrid battery fails. You will get poor fuel economy and a rougher drive from it though.

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Also, Can you drive a hybrid with a bad battery?

If that battery fails, then you could still drive the Prius, but it will be weaker and a lot less smooth. Other hybrid systems that require a 12-volt battery might not work if the hybrid battery dies. Even if your car does start, you run the risk of your car losing power or dying on the road.

Hereof, How many miles will a Toyota Prius last?

Prius is meant to last, but you need to do your part and take care of it. Do the right thing and put only quality filters and oil in that are meant for your driving habits. Prius has given many owners hundreds of thousands of miles. I see many post all the time of 300, 400 and over 500 thousand miles on their cars.

How much does it cost to replace the hybrid battery in a Prius?

A key power element in Toyota hybrid powertrains and built to last, the hybrid battery pack in your Toyota Prius is not cheap to replace with prices that can range from $3,000 to $8,000 when you purchase a new battery. Used Toyota hybrid batteries can range from $1,500 to $3,500 to replace.

Likewise, Is the Toyota Prius hybrid a good car?

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Yes, the Toyota Prius is a good choice among hybrid and electric cars. It has a capable hybrid system, a smooth ride, and unbelievably good fuel economy ratings. Inside, the Prius has two rows of spacious seats, user-friendly infotainment features, and more cargo room than most competitors.

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How long can a hybrid car sit?

The consensus is that leaving a hybrid with nickel-metal-hydride batteries such as yours stored for three months should be okay, but four-five months might be pressing it a bit. With the car shut off, there is no parasitic drain on the main battery so it will retain a charge for a long time.

How reliable is a Toyota Prius?

Toyota Prius Reliability The Toyota Prius is well-known for its outstanding reliability. Consumer Reports’ members who own a 2011 Toyota Prius rate it a perfect 5/5 for reliability. That rating was also true from 2010 through 2019.

How long do Toyota Prius hybrid batteries last?

ten years

How long will a Prius last mileage?

I would say, The Prius has an excellent reputation for reliability, as well as being a very well designed and engineered machine. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have 100,000, 150,000, 200,000 miles or more.

How many miles can a 2006 Toyota Prius last?

200,000 miles

Can you replace a Prius battery yourself?

The good news is that they can be replaced. The bad news is that this is not a job that can be done by every owner. Many owners who are comfortable with electronics and basic car repair do fix the battery themselves with Prius hybrid battery cells they buy online.

How long will a Toyota Prius last?

In his experience, the batteries last about 12 to 15 years (the oldest Prius cars on the road are now 20 years old). This good news for used Prius buyers since the Prius has one of the highest percentages of owners that keep the car longer than ten years.

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How often do Prius batteries need to be replaced?

In all other states, the warranty on your Prius battery is good for 8 years or 100,000 miles. This means that if you need your battery replaced within the warranty period, you can get a new one with no out-of-pocket cost.

How many miles is a Prius good for?

200,000 miles

What is a 2006 Toyota Prius worth?

2006 Toyota Prius Value – $907-$3,374 | Edmunds.

What is the highest mileage on a Prius?

Typically, Prius owners can eke out 200,000 miles pretty reliably before a battery swap is warranted. There are plenty of cases where Prius’s are still driving on their original battery beyond that point. This Toyota Prius Taxi has over 600,000 miles (1 million km) on his original battery.

What happens when a Prius battery goes bad?

When the battery becomes discharged to a certain point, the car is programmed to fire up the gasoline engine, which normally would recharge the battery as it propels the car. If that 12-volt battery is dead, the Prius won’t start, even if the main battery is fully charged.

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