World of Warcraft: this streamer grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday in the most beautiful way

World of Warcraft: this streamer grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday in the most beautiful way

The world of video games is often singled out for its diverse and varied setbacks, its daily toxicity, its misogyny or even the stories of harassment, crunch and toxic culture in studios. Beneath this lot of negativity also hides beautiful stories, like this streamer grandmother who celebrated her 80th birthday in the most beautiful way.

80 years is something to celebrate

WowGrandma78 has been a Twitch streamer since January 2020. This widowed grandmother of 9 grandchildren and great-grandmother of 5 great-grandchildren got into streaming to unite enthusiasts under a positive banner. A healthy and friendly hamlet that welcomes all types of players, but in particular enthusiasts of World of WarcraftBlizzard’s MMORPG. And on March 17, WowGrandma78 celebrated its 80th birthday. On this occasion, the new octogenarian embarked on a subathon, namely a streaming marathon in which donations and subscriptions increase the duration of the stream. Count an extra minute for 100 bits (a virtual currency available on Twitch) and three additional minutes for a subscription.

Celebrating with a NO LIMIT SUBATHON STARTING ON MARCH 17TH. Wow, Phasmaphobia, Prizes, Surprises, Transmog contest. Come hang out join the fun. March 17th is my actual birthday so starting it then. LETS GO!

March 13, 2022

“Celebrating with a LIMITLESS SUBATHON BEGINNING MARCH 17th. World of Warcraft, Phasmophobia, Prizes, Surprises, Transmog Contest. Join the fun. March 17th is my real birthday, so it’s time to start. LET’S GO!”

An event supposed to be intended above all for its community which was able to benefit from the outside help of big names in the field. From the first day of this subathon, CouRageJD, streamer and co-founder of the 100 Thieves structure, and the famous but controversial streamer Trainwreckstv, shared links to WowGrandma78’s stream. And with 1.8 million followers on Twitter for the first, and nearly 450,000 for the second, this bottle in the sea has hit the mark many times. Following this welcome publicity, WowGrandma78 is, at the time of writing, on its 8th day of streaming. Over 140,000 bits and 2,459 subscriptions were collected with over $11,000 in donations made.

A birthday that WowGrandma78 will remember for a long time. This enthusiast is far from being a stranger to the world of video games since she plays World of Warcraft for 16 years now. Present both on the side of the Alliance and the Horde, it is intended above all for healing via its druids. A dive into the world of gaming that began with StarCraft and which continued with World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift or TERRA. The hours to stream counter is already well down, with “only” 21 hours remaining.

Don’t hesitate to take a look on his stream if you want to share sweet words with him or just wish him a happy birthday (although slightly belated). Proof that the video game world is capable of spontaneous outbursts of kindness. Let’s hope that mentalities come to change and that toxicity finally manages to recede in online games.


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