World of Warcraft: Blizzard unveils Dragonflight, its new extension that will make you want to resume the game

World of Warcraft: Blizzard unveils Dragonflight, its new extension that will make you want to resume the game

At the end of 2020, Blizzard released the extension shadowlands for its MMORPG World of WarcraftWhere “WOW”, for the close friends. Far from being fundamentally bad, however, it did not manage to fully convince the players, who are therefore firmly awaiting the next expansion. That’s good, well this one has just been officially unveiled live by the studio!

Between leaks, rumors and hopes, an expected extension at the turn

It’s been known for a while that a new expansion is coming for World of Warcraft. Rumors and leaks more or less proven have multiplied in recent months, and we were therefore eager to disentangle the true from the false this Tuesday, April 19 at 6 p.m., time at which Blizzard gave us an appointment via Twitch and YouTube to lift the veil on its brand new expansion for wow, which will bear the name of Dragonflight.

As we imagined, this will take place after the events related by shadowlands, as the Jailer is defeated and the world of Azeroth is shattered. Players expect a lot from this extension (remember that Blizzard had mentioned particularly substantial content) and it must be admitted that on paper, while waiting the official release, the date of which has unfortunately not been announced, the first information communicated by Blizzard is particularly promising.

A mess of content

The first minutes of the live presentation brush the fans in the right direction, since we find there the Lead Producer-in-Chief, the Franchise General Manager and the Game Director who thank the players for their loyalty and for the many returns – also negative – that they were able to do. But let’s talk about what interests you: the new features on the program of this ninth expansion of wow titled Dragonflight.

As the leaks suggested, the dragons will be honored with this new extension which will take place on the Dragon Isles, a lush and primary territory made up of 5 large areas (The Shores of Awakening, the Plains of Ohn’ahra, the Azure Span, Thaldraszus and the Forbidden Conflicts) with varied biomes (forest, snowy areas or even filled with lava…) and one of which will act as a starting zone for the new class/race combination represented by the Drachtyr evokers, humanoid or draconic beings, whose abilities may focus on healing (Preservation) or ranged attacks (Devastation). Both Horde and Alliance members will be able to access it.

Another major novelty, each character – including level cap is now set to 70 – may havea dragon as a mount, with which he will be able to perform “dragon riding” in order to travel from the air to the Dragon Islands. As they progress, players will unlock new flight abilities.

Here are the big news. Beyond these, we will find redesigned talent trees, aimed at giving players greater flexibility in how they improve their character. The interface should be somewhat redesigned and above all become much more customizable, although few details have been released on this subject, ditto for the trades system which should be extensively revised. Obviously, let us specify thata new raid as well as new dungeons will also be in the game.

If no release date has yet been communicated, an Alpha should be available within a few months.


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