Who owns Wisconsin Athletic Club?

  1. It is locally owned and operated by partners Keith Nygren, Ray O’Connor, Chez Misko and Keith Mardak.
  2. “The WAC has always been much more than a place to workout,” said Keith Nygren, co-owner of the WAC.

Subsequently, Where is the Wisconsin Athletic Club? This Club is conveniently located on the 6th floor in the 411 building, which is on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Jefferson Street. It is across the street from the historic Pfister Hotel and just a few blocks from the Bradley Center and Summerfest Grounds.

How do I cancel my Wisconsin athletic club membership? If you would like to discontinue your membership at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, please contact our Business Services team at 414.328. 1300.

Yet, Are masks required at Wisconsin Athletic Club? At the Wisconsin Athletic Club, our top priority remains keeping our Members and Teams safe. We will continue to follow all local, state and federal protocols. While masks are no longer required, we encourage anyone who feels more comfortable in a mask to continue to wear one while in the club.


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