Who is the CEO of Moes?


On Thursday, Moe’s Southwest Grill named a new president. Erik Hess replaces Bruce Schroder in the top post at the fast-casual chain, which is owned by Atlanta-based Focus Brands.

Similarly, Is Taco Bell named after its founder?

Turns out, Taco Bell received its name from the owner’s name, Glen Bell. According to Taco Bell’s website, Glen Bell originally created Bell’s Drive-In and Taco Tia in San Bernardino, California, in 1954. It wasn’t until 1962 when the name was changed to “Taco Bell” after Bell opened a restaurant in Downey, California.

Subsequently Who is the CEO of Focus Brands? Jim Holthouser is the Chief Executive Officer for FOCUS Brands, parent company of Auntie Anne’s®, Carvel®, Cinnabon®, Jamba®, Moe’s Southwest Grill®, McAlister’s Deli®, Schlotzsky’s®, and Seattle’s Best Coffee® (in certain military bases and in certain international markets).

What is Taco Bell slogan?

The chain is well known for its current tagline, as well as its previous “Yo quiero Taco Bell” and “Run for the border.” But the taco giant is introducing a new slogan, “Live mas” (“mas” is Spanish for “more”), as it tries to reverse its sales misfortunes.

Did Pepsi Own Taco Bell?

Taco Bell was acquired by PepsiCo in 1978. KFC was acquired by PepsiCo in 1986. All three were housed under a PepsiCo subsidiary called Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc., which was formed to be PepsiCo’s restaurant division. Tricon was eventually spun off from PepsiCo and renamed Yum Brands, Inc.

Who is the president of Focus Brands?

ATLANTA, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Focus Brands®, parent company of iconic brands Auntie Anne’s®, Carvel®, Cinnabon®, Jamba®, Moe’s Southwest Grill®, McAlister’s Deli® and Schlotzsky’s®, today announced Guillermo Cremer as its new chief people officer and Joe Guith as category president, Restaurant Brands.

What is Coca Cola’s slogan?

While “Delicious and Refreshing” was part of the plan D’Arcy’s first big change was to add an arrow to all the advertising and packaging while adding the slogan, “Whenever You See an Arrow, Think of Coca-Cola.

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What is Arby’s old slogan?

The slogan was still “Slicing Up Freshness”, but later soon changed to “We Have the Meats“.

What is Toyota’s slogan?

Let’s Go Places is the verbal expression that captures the essence of the Toyota brand. It’s the enduring spirit that inspires people to live life to the fullest, whatever their adventures may be and wherever they may take them. Use our tagline Let’s Go Places with intention and integrity.

Why did Kat Cole leave focus brands?

Then, she turned attention to diversity and inclusion efforts as racial justice protests began around the world, she said. In the last 90 days, Cole said, she and Holthouser focused on naming executives key to embarking on an aggressive acquisition strategy, and he ultimately decided not to replace her role.

What is Kat Cole doing now?

After a 10-year tenure at prominent Atlanta franchisor Focus Brands, Kat Cole is now joining the board of a New York-based pizzeria technology startup, according to a Tuesday announcement.

How much is focus brands worth?

private in a deal worth about $200 million. Focus, based in Atlanta and led by Chief Executive Officer Steve DeSutter, generates about $100 million in annual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, the people said.

What is Mcdonalds slogan?

According to The Wall Street Journal, McD’s is desperate to bring that love back by introducing a new slogan: ‘Lovin’ Beats Hatin.

What is Amazon’s slogan?

Amazon’s slogan is “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” This isn’t as well-known as Amazon’s other taglines or mottos such as “From A to Z,” but this is the motto Amazon uses when recruiting people.

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What is Fanta slogan?

Orange is Fanta’s most popular flavor, but Fanta boasts over 90 different flavors worldwide. That’s where Fanta’s most recent slogan “Be More Than One Flavor” comes from – their advertising emphasizes trying all sorts of different things and flavors with Fanta (and the updated Fantanas). Image from www.fanta.com.

What is the best slogan?

Best Company Slogans

  • “Where’s the Beef?” – …
  • “Open Happiness” – Coca-Cola.
  • “Because You’re Worth It” – L’Oreal.
  • “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands” – M&Ms.
  • “A Diamond is Forever” – De Beers.
  • “The Breakfast of Champions” – Wheaties.
  • “America Runs on Dunkin'” – Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • “Can You Hear Me Now?” – Verizon Wireless.

What is Jimmy John’s slogan?

Jimmy John’s frequently relies on its motto of “freaky fast” delivery and has also underscored “freaky fresh” ingredients in past marketing. But that narrative still wasn’t fully coming through, according to Ryan Brazelton, executive creative director at agency ChangeUp, which developed the chain’s new brand identity.

What is the Starbucks slogan?

Starbucks doesn’t have an official slogan. However, they do have an official mission statement. Their mission statement is, “To inspire and nurture the human spirit–one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

What is Walmart slogan?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc WMT. N said on Wednesday that it is rolling out a new advertising campaign with the slogan, “Save Money. Live Better,” replacing the motto “Always low prices” after 19 years. … The new ad campaign also highlights the results of new research it commissioned from Global Insight.

What is Google’s slogan?

“Don’t be evil” is a phrase used in Google’s corporate code of conduct, which it also formerly preceded as a motto. Following Google’s corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, Alphabet took “Do the right thing” as its motto, also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct.

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How do I get a Cinnabon franchise?

The initial franchise fee to open one Cinnabon franchise is $30,000. Additionally, potential Franchise Partners should possess cash liquidity of $120,000 and a net worth of at least $400,000. The current approximate startup cost is about $250,000 (note that startup cost will vary for each individual franchisee).

How much is Kat Cole worth?

Kat Cole net worth: Kat Cole is an American businesswoman who has a net worth of $100 million. Kat Cole was born in Jacksonville, Florida in March 1978. She is the President and Chief Operations Officer of Cinnabon, Inc. and the former executive vice president of Hooters.

Who does focus brands own?

Focus Brands is an American company that is an affiliate of the American private equity firm, Roark Capital Group, that currently owns the Schlotzsky’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s Deli, Auntie Anne’s and Jamba brands.

Does Auntie Anne’s own Cinnabon?

Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon are both owned by Focus Brands Inc. an Atlanta based company. Cinnabon was founded in 1985 and is the current market leader in the cinnamon roll business with more than 1,000 franchise locations. … Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s are usually situated in the same malls.

How many locations does Focus Brands have?

With more than 330 locations in the U.S., Schlotzsky’s is the fast-casual choice for a quick, healthy and fresh dining experience.


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