What’s the healthiest thing to order at Applebee’s?


What’s the healthiest thing to order at Applebee’s? Here are the 10 healthiest menu items at Applebee’s.

  • Best Salad: Tuscan Chicken Salad. …
  • Best Bowl: Tex Mex Shrimp Bowl. …
  • Best Side: Steamed Broccoli. …
  • Best Dessert: Brownie Bite. …
  • Best Appetizer: Chicken Wonton Tacos. …
  • Best Chicken: Grilled Chicken Breast. …
  • Best Fish: Blackened Cajun Salmon. …
  • Best Meat Dish: 6 oz.

also What can you not order at Applebees?

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Applebee’s

  • Applebee’s Loaded Baked Potato soup is loaded with fat. …
  • Avoid Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad Wrap at all costs. …
  • The Applebee’s Loaded Fajitas pack in the sodium. …
  • Grilled chicken dishes at Applebee’s aren’t worth the price.

Is Applebee’s unhealthy? Frankly, there aren’t really any healthy options at Applebee’s. Many of the menu items are high in calories and have a scary amount of sodium (we’re talking dishes with nearly two days’ worth of sodium, like the fajitas.

What can a diabetic eat at Applebees?

APPLEBEE’S. While Applebee’s has a “lighter fare” menu, its choices are high-carb. The best choices are plain steaks, ribs with no sauce, and shrimp skewers, with steamed or grilled veggies. If salad sounds good, order plain chicken caesar, house Thai shrimp, or house salad.

Does Applebee’s have any lunch specials?

INTRODUCING Applebee’s new $7.99 lunch special. Get your food in 12 minutes or it’s free!

Why is Applebees so unhealthy?

The Bad: The Menu Is Riddled with Trans Fat

—and a lot of it! While only nine dishes at Applebee’s contain the dangerous man-made fat, the dishes that have it, have a ton! The quesadilla burger, for example, carries 4 grams of trans fat, which is two day’s worth!

What is the most unhealthy dessert at Applebee’s?

The Blue Ribbon Brownie is a large chunk of brownie with two scoops of ice cream, all drizzled with hot fudge. Sounds delicious, but this dessert has 1,520 calories — around what some doctors recommend people for an entire day of food.

What are the entrees at Applebees?

Every Entrée at Applebee’s—Ranked!

  • Quesadilla Burger.
  • The Prime Rib Dipper.
  • Whisky Bacon Burger.
  • Oriental Chicken Salad Wrap.
  • Chicken Fajita Rollup.
  • Homestyle Chicken Bowl.
  • Oriental Chicken Salad.
  • Chicken Tenders Platter.

Why is Applebee’s called Applebees?

The founders picked the name out of a phone book

Founders Bill and T.J. Palmer looked for inspiration in a phone book and fell in love with the name “Appleby.” After finding there was already a copyright on the name, they changed it to “Applebee’s.”

What are the worst restaurant chains in America?

These Are the Most Hated Restaurants and Fast Food Chains in America

  1. Red Robin. The bottomless fries haven’t won over customers. …
  2. KFC. There have been plenty of scandals over the years. …
  3. Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse is too noisy for many patrons. …
  4. Joe’s Crab Shack. …
  5. Burger King. …
  6. Waffle House. …
  7. Domino’s Pizza. …
  8. Bar Louie.

What is the healthiest meal you can eat?

Unprocessed, gently cooked meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

  • Lean beef. Lean beef is among the best sources of protein in existence and loaded with highly bioavailable iron. …
  • Chicken breasts. Chicken breast is low in fat and calories but extremely high in protein. …
  • Lamb.

What fast food is best for diabetics?

Chick-fil-A options: Chick-fil-A has many choices that would be great for people with diabetes. For an entree, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Nuggets, Chicken Cool Wrap, Spicy Southwest Salad, or Market Salad with grilled chicken or chicken strips (the nuggets are quite high in sodium) are great options.

Can a diabetic eat a hamburger?

Share on Pinterest Lean meats, including some cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, can be suitable food options for people with diabetes. People with diabetes should choose lean meats to limit their intake of unhealthful fats.

Does Applebee’s have senior discount?

Applebee’s. Those who are 60 and up get 10% to 15% off at participating locations. This deal may require a Golden Apple Card.

What are the options for Applebee’s Lunch combos?


  • Bourbon Street Chicken + Shrimp.
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken.
  • Chicken Tenders Platter.
  • Chicken Tenders Plate.

What is Applebee’s menu?

Applebees Menu

  • Boneless Wings. 680 Cals.
  • Double Crunch Bone-In Wings.
  • Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip.
  • Mozzarella Sticks.
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip.

Is Applebee’s trashy?

Applebees is the epitome of corporate trash. … Food quality doesn’t matter though because as long as the boomer generation is alive Applebees will be thriving and well.

Is eating ice cream bad for you?

Ice cream is a sweet and refreshing treat. However, it’s high in sugar, calories, and possibly additives and artificial ingredients. Thus, you should read labels carefully if you want a more wholesome dessert. Ice cream can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet if consumed occasionally and in moderation.

What is the healthiest dessert?

The 11 Healthiest Desserts to Have, According to Dietitians

  • Avocado Chocolate Pudding.
  • Fruit Crumbles.
  • Assorted Berries.
  • Black Bean Brownies.
  • Raspberry Thyme Granita.
  • Oranges & Vanilla Yogurt (or Ice Cream!)
  • Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles.
  • Fruit Salad.

What is the 2 for 20 menu at Applebee’s?


Choose two entrées and one full-size appetizer, all for just $20. Featuring the Classic Bacon Cheeseburger, Fiesta Lime Chicken, and now, for a limited time only, the Southwest Steak Bowl.

What’s on the 2 for 25 menu at Applebee’s?

This offer includes one appetizer and two entrees for just $25, menu options include: Appetizers: Spinach and Artichoke Dip . Onion Rings .

  • Provolone Stuffed Meatballs w/Fettuccine.
  • Cajun Shrimp Pasta.
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken.
  • Double Crunch Shrimp.
  • Rib-let Basket.
  • Three-Cheese Penne.
  • Oriental Chicken Salad.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger.

Can you get Applebees 2 for 20 to go?

Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu gives guests a choice of a shareable appetizer and two full size meals, including options like pasta, steak, chicken and salad. … Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar® is a DineEquity, Inc.

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