What’s healthy at Ono Hawaiian BBQ?


Chicken With the Highest and Lowest Calories on the Ono Hawaiian BBQ Menu. The Chicken on the Ono Hawaiian BBQ menu with the lowest amount of calories are BBQ Chicken Mini Meal (No Sides) (380 calories), Lemon Pepper Chicken (390 calories) and BBQ Chicken (460 calories).

Similarly, How many calories are in a L&L Hawaiian BBQ?

BBQ Chicken

540-1190 calories.

Subsequently What does Ono mean in Hawaiian? Ono is a Hawaiian word meaning “good to eat.” It is commonly known as wahoo and is a close relative of the king mackerel. Built like a torpedo, they are fast swimmers. Ono rarely school, but groups are often found around fish aggregation buoys.

What kind of fish does Ono Hawaiian BBQ use?

A favorite staple in the Hawaiian diet, mahi mahi is a delicious lean fish with a delicate flavor that is eaten regularly on the islands. The mahi mahi Ono Hawaiian BBQ uses is wild caught from the Pacific, grilled-to-order and available with house made lemon pepper seasoning or teriyaki drizzle.

Why Do Hawaiians say brah?

One of the most common Hawaiian pidgin terms is that of brah, meaning “brother”. And, as you might’ve guessed, a brah doesn’t have to be your brother by blood.

What does so Ono mean?

Pronounced oh-no, this is the local word for “delicious,” as in, Helena’s has an ono Hawaiian food menu. For added emphasis, include so as in something is “so ono,” like the Vietnamese-inspired grinds at The Pig and the Lady.

What does Ono Kine mean?

The store’s catchy moniker is an example of Hawaii’s common language: “Ono” means “tasty” or “delicious.” “Da Kine” is the keystone of Pidginit can mean virtually anything, but it’s often used as a shorthand place holder when it is likely the listener will understand what is meant from the context of the sentence.

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How much does Ono Hawaiian BBQ pay?

The average Ono Hawaiian BBQ hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a Cashier to $16 per hour for a Crew Member. Ono Hawaiian BBQ employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.5/5 stars.

Does Hawaiian BBQ have fish?

Savor our Crispy Shrimp along with our famous Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. For a great meal, combine our tender Island White Fish and flavorful BBQ Chicken.

Who delivers Ono Hawaiian BBQ?

Ono Hawaiian BBQ is now partnering with Grubhub. We make it easy to enjoy the food you love.

How do you say poop in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Dictionaries. n. Excreta, dung, feces. See below for many compounds formed with kukae; lepo, dirt, is sometimes a euphemism.

What is a lolo in Hawaiian?

LOLO (lō-lō) A Hawaiian language word meaning dumb, goofy or crazy.

What does okole mean in Hawaiian?

Okole is a slang term in Hawaii meaning butt.

What do you call a Hawaiian girl?

The word “wahine” came into English in the late 18th century from Maori, the language of a Polynesian people native to New Zealand; it was originally used for a Maori woman, especially a wife. The word is also used for a woman in Hawaiian and Tahitian, though spelled “vahine” in the latter.

What do you call a beautiful Hawaiian girl?

The standard word beautiful is “nani”. It is pronounced as nah-knee. Nani can also be used for splendid and pretty. Nani kōkī (supremely beautiful)

What do Hawaiians call their friends?

Sistah/braddah. How do you use sistah/braddah in Hawaiian pidgin? These two terms are so commonly used in local pidgin and refer to a young woman or man. They can be used for a friend or just someone you’ve met.

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How do you say beautiful in Hawaiian?

The standard word beautiful is “nani”. It is pronounced as nah-knee.

What does Chee Hoo mean in Hawaiian?

Chee comes from the word Cheehoo, a Hawaiian slang originating from the Samoa culture. It is a term that is often used around family and friends in a positive light. “Cheehoo!” is exclaimed when you are celebrating or if something is exciting. The term is most similar to terms like woohoo, yee-haw, or wahoo.

Who is the owner of Ono Hawaiian BBQ?

Joshua Liang, 40, is the chief executive and founder of Diamond Bar-based Ono Hawaiian BBQ, a fast food chain serving Hawaiian-inspired plate lunches. Liang and his older brother, Joe Liang, 49, opened the first Ono Hawaiian BBQ in 2002 at Santa Monica Boulevard and Bundy Drive.

Does Ono Hawaiian BBQ use MSG?

“We have a lot of repeat customers. They like that we don’t put MSG in our food. We also don’t cook our meat with oil or butter.

Can you order Ono Hawaiian online?

How to Order? You may call or stop by one of our neighborhood Ono restaurants, or email us at Catering@OnoBBQ.com. You may also download a Catering Menu on www.OnoBBQ.com. Prices vary per area, please be sure to ask for the menu prices for the store that you are interested in ordering from.

Does Ono Hawaiian have an app?

Download the Ohana Hawaiian BBQ app free for iPhone today. With the Ohana Hawaiian BBQ mobile app, ordering food has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, we’ve got you covered.

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Is Ono Hawaiian BBQ gluten free?

No, Ono Hawaiian BBQ does not offer glutenfree options.

What does Da Kine mean in Hawaiian?

Da kine is not Hawaiian. It’s a widely used expression in Hawaii pidgin English. Roughly translated, it means “the kind,” similar to the pidgin expression any kine, which itself means “any kind.” But da kine’s meaning is more complex. … It can refer to a person as well as a thing (Are you bringing da kine to the party?).

What is the longest Hawaiian word?

The fish with the honor of having the longest Hawaiian name is the lauwiliwilinukunukuʻoiʻoi. Freely translated this name means “long-snouted fish shaped like a wiliwili leaf”. The wiliwili tree, by the way, is endemic to Hawai’i. It’s name means “repeatedly twisted”, and you can see why.


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