What should I order at Pollo Tropical?


Yes, we ranked them, too:

  • Cilantro garlic: This is the ranch dressing of Pollo Tropical . …
  • Curry mustard: Slather it everywhere, especially on the chicken.
  • Guava BBQ: Not bad.
  • Regular BBQ: Basic.
  • Spicy Poyo-Poyo: Tabasco with pretensions.
  • Pineapple Rum: Overly sweet and grotesque.

Similarly, How do you get free food at Pollo Tropical?


Simply order from the app and pick up your meal at the designated counter. Plus, all your rewards and offers are automatically added to your account.

Subsequently Does Pollo Tropical sell raw chicken? About Pollo Tropical®

(NASDAQ: FRGI), is a quick-service restaurant concept known for its fresh chicken, marinated for 24 hours in a proprietary blend of citrus juices and spices.

Is Pollo Tropical spicy?

The new menu items are available at Pollo Tropical restaurants, which are locate across the state of Florida. Pollo Tropical’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich features a crispy chicken served on a Cuban roll with Swiss cheese, potato sticks, mayo and Spicy Heat Sauce.

Is Pollo Tropical still offering 50% off for healthcare workers?

Pollo Tropical is offering 50 percent off orders from health care workers, first responders, as well as United States Postal Service, FedEx and UPS workers.

What kind of food is Pollo Tropical?

Pollo Tropical® (Spanish for “Tropical Chicken” – pronounced Po-yo Trōp-ee-cal ) is a warm and friendly Miami-based chain of quick-service restaurants featuring a real fire-grill where we prepare fresh, citrus marinated chicken along with a variety of other dishes, including complementary side dishes, a “salsa bar,” …

Does Pollo Tropical sell beer?

Florida’s beloved Pollo Tropical is now serving alcohol.

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Does Pollo Tropical still have Cuban sandwiches?

Yes. That’s right. Miami’s favorite fast food chicken joint has temporarily added Cuban sandwiches to its menu. Pollo Tropical isn’t the first chain to jump on the Cuban food bandwagon.

How much is a Cuban at Pollo Tropical?

Prices start at $5.99. The crispy chicken — mixed with the buttery bread, tart pickles, Swiss cheese, tender ham and appealingly mayo-mustard sauce — was our personal fave.

Does Pollo Tropical have Cuban sandwiches?

Sandwiches and Wraps Menu

Grilled chicken breast and sliced ham served on a Cuban roll with Swiss cheese, potato sticks, pickles and a creamy mustard spread.

Is Pollo Tropical Cuban or Puerto Rican?

Pollo Tropical (Spanish for “Tropical Chicken”) is a Miami, Florida-based restaurant chain and franchise specializing in the cuisine of the Caribbean. Founded in 1988, the chain has its headquarters in Doral, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Who is the CEO of Pollo Tropical?

Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc., parent to the Pollo Tropical and Taco Cabana chains, has named Richard Stockinger as president and CEO, the company said after releasing fourth-quarter earnings on Monday.

Does Burger King own Pollo Tropical?

COMPANY NEWS; LARGEST BURGER KING FRANCHISEE TO BUY POLLO TROPICAL. The Carrols Corporation, the largest Burger King franchisee in the United States, said yesterday that it would buy Pollo Tropical Inc. for $90 million in cash as the company adds quick-service chicken restaurants to its burger business.

Does Pollo Tropical have Coke?

Pollo Tropical Coca-Colas contain between 150-240 calories, depending on your choice of options.

Does Pollo Tropical have lemonade?

Pollo Tropical Regular Natalie’s Lemonade Calories

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There are 150 calories in a Regular Natalie’s Lemonade from Pollo Tropical.

Is Pollo Tropical expensive?

Pollo Tropical prices are usually a little higher than the industry average. The restaurant sells many different types of foods, but it is perhaps best known for its marinated and grilled chicken. Fans of Pollo Tropical enjoy their platters, because the meals are fairly large and the price is very competitive and fair.

What are the new sandwiches at Pollo Tropical?

Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich: The latest addition to the brand’s successful Cuban Pressed Sandwich lineup, this sandwich is made with hand-breaded, crispy chicken served on a Cuban roll with Swiss cheese, potato sticks, mayo and the signature Spicy HEAT Sauce.

Does Pollo Tropical sell coleslaw?

Pollo Tropical is adding several new dishes to its menu. The chain has introduced two new entrees—Guava BBQ Ribs and a grilled chicken BLT sandwich—as well as four new side dishes: corn casserole, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and coleslaw. …

How old do you have to be to work at Pollo Tropical?

Minimum age to apply at Pollo Tropical is generally 18 years old.

How much does it cost to own a Pollo Tropical?

The typical Pollo Tropical location typically costs about $1 million to achieve a grand opening and this investment opportunity requires a minimum commitment of 5 restaurants. Depending on the location of your franchise, the startup period may last for as little as 60 days or it may take over a year.

Why did Pollo Tropical close in Texas?

The Florida-based fast-casual chain shuttered its stores as part of a “strategic renewal plan,” according to an announcement at the end of last year. An additional 14 Poll Tropical locations were closed the same day across Florida and Texas for a total of 23.

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Is Pollo Tropical chicken hormone free?

The company boasts that its entire menu is now “hormone free.” Miami-based Pollo Tropical serves a range of grilled fare with a Latino theme. … Its chicken has always been hormone free, a spokeswoman said, but recent changes to the ingredients used in its Florida stores relate to other meats it sells.

How do I complain to Pollo Tropical?

How can I ask a question or make a comment? Please contact us at 866-769-7696 or using our website contact form.

Is there a Pollo Tropical in Texas?

Last year, less than three years after announcing its move into Texas, Pollo Tropical began closing units there. It closed all of the locations in the state that year as part of a larger closure of some of the chain’s weakest units. But the chain’s closures now appear to be getting closer to its core markets.

How many states is Pollo Tropical in?

You can download the complete list of 144 Pollo Tropical location data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store. There are 55 US States and Territories without any Pollo Tropical locations.


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