What is the lowest calorie meal at Outback?


Wondering which seafood is healthiest to prepare on the grill? Tilapia is pretty high up on the ranking, and Outback Steakhouse offers a simple dish that includes the fish with a side of fresh vegetables. This is the lowest-calorie entrée on their menu, with just 380 calories in the entire dish.

Similarly, What should I order at a steakhouse on a diet?

According to the USDA, a 3.5-ounce serving of lean cut beef contains less than 10 grams fat, 4.5 saturated fat, and 95 mg cholesterol. Any of these cuts will do the trick: eye of round roast and steak, sirloin tip side steak, top round roast and steak, bottom round roast and steak, and top sirloin steak.

Subsequently How do you order healthy at Outback? GRILLED FISH

  1. “I’d do the Grilled Mahi with a side of Freshly Seasoned Vegetables, which’ll come in at 373 calories, 6 grams of fiber and 51 grams protein. …
  2. “Go for Outback’s ‘Under 600 Calories’ options. …
  3. “When eating out, I try to stick with lean proteins like seafood. …
  4. “I would order Hearts of Gold Mahi with Asparagus.

What should you not order at Outback Steakhouse?

The Best and Worst Menu Items at Outback Steakhouse

  • Worst: Bloomin Onion.
  • Best: Small Seared Peppered Ahi.
  • Worst: Bowl of Clam Chowder.
  • Worst: Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad.
  • Best: House Salad with Tangy Tomato Dressing.
  • Worst: Slow Roast Prime Rib (24 ounces)
  • Best: Victoria’s Filet Mignon (6 ounces)

What’s the best thing to eat at Outback?

Best Meal to Get at Outback Steakhouse

  • The Bloomin’ Onion. A classic at Outback Steakhouse, they’ve got their own twist to traditional onion rings. …
  • Seared Peppered Ahi. …
  • Victoria’s Filet with Lobster Tail. …
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How many calories are in a 6 oz steak from Outback?

There are 210 calories in 1 steak (6 oz) of Outback Steakhouse Outback Center-Cut Sirloin (6 oz).

Does Outback give a senior citizen discount?

No, Outback Steakhouse does not offer senior discounts.

What is the best steak from Outback?

What is the best Outback Steak?

  • The Ribeye– Also know as the Delmonico, this cut of steak is deliciously marbled and contains the greatest flavor in the history of flavor.
  • The Prime Rib– I cannot walk into an Outback Steakhouse without ordering a monster prime rib.

How many sides do you get at Outback?

Choice of two sides.

What is the best steak to order at Outback?

Bone-in ribeye is the best of the best

The Outback menu we looked at says this steak weighs in at a whopping 18 ounces, which is big enough to feed two people unless you’ve both got enormous appetites.

Is Outback shutting down?

For those of you who frequent Outback Steakhouse, we have good news. On Friday, Bloomin’ Brands company announced it would close a total of 43 stores, including some of its Outback, Carrabba’s and Bonefish Grill restaurants.

Does Outback serve bread?

Outback Steakhouse on Twitter: “Our famous bread comes complimentary with Curbside and delivery orders!… ”

How many calories are in an outback baked potato?

There are 390 calories in 1 serving of Outback Steakhouse Dressed Baked Potato Loaded.

How do I get a free Bloomin Onion from Outback Steakhouse?

To get the freebie, just say “Outback Bowl” to your server when you place your order. One free offer per table. This freebie is only valid at participating locations on 1/3/2021 for lunch or dinner including dine-in or to go.

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What day do you get a free Bloomin Onion at Outback?

Bloomin’ Monday’s are back! Whenever Harvick finishes in the top-10 of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, fans can get a free Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse on the Monday immediately following the race. Outback Promo Codes July 2021.

Does Outback do AAA discount?

Restaurant & dining discounts. … With your AAA membership card, you can unlock deals from hot restaurants like Rainforest Cafe, Hardrock Cafe and Outback Steakhouse.

Which is better LongHorn or Outback?

Outback Steakhouse and LongHorn Steakhouse are both popular steakhouse chain restaurants. … The quality of the food at LongHorn was better, and I was especially impressed by the house margarita and the signature appetizer. However, the fantastic service at Outback set a sky-high bar that LongHorn fell far short of.

Which is better ribeye or porterhouse?

If you’re a ravenous meat monger, the porterhouse definitely wins out, but if you’re looking to savor a delicious yet manageable meal for one, the ribeye may be a more suitable cut. All in all, both the porterhouse steak and ribeye steak are two fantastically flavorful, high-quality cuts of meat.

Is Sirloin better than ribeye?

Due to its rich marbling, ribeye has 190 calories, compared to 150 calories of a sirloin steak. When it comes to protein content, sirloin is your choice because it has more than a ribeye. Ribeye has more saturated fats than sirloin.

Does Outback have a secret menu?

Outback-Steakhouse Secret Menu

The Outback Steakhouse secret menu does have a few interesting items though. These include the Australian Burger, which lets you combine the famous Outback Steakhouse spices and their high quality meats with one of America’s favorite foods.

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What grade of steak does outback use?

Outback serves wet-aged choice-grade beef cooked over medium-high heat, producing a “steak” with no flavor beyond the butter and spices that they put on it.

How many shrimp do you get at Outback?

When you order Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie at The Outback Steakhouse™, they’ll bring you six good sized shrimp. Even though this is an appetizer, they’re so delicious, six is just enough to get you craving more.

Is Bonefish going out of business?

Bloomin’ Brands, owner of the U.S.-based seafood restaurant chain Bonefish Grill, will be closing 14 Bonefish Grill locations as a part of the company’s newly announced revitalization plan. … There are 210 Bonefish Grill locations in the United States, including nine storefronts that opened in 2015.

How does call ahead seating work at Outback?

Click Thru Seating is the fastest way to get seated at Outback Steakhouse, allowing guests to plan ahead and decide how they want to spend their time.” … To access Click Thru Seating, visit Outback.com/Seating or go to Outback.com to view current restaurant wait times and get on the wait list.


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