What is the best 9 inch angle grinder?


– Hitachi G23 Labyrinth 230 mm Angle Grinder. Latest Prices. Read Customer Reviews. This is, without doubt, our pick as the best 9 inch angle grinder.
– Makita GA9020S Angle Grinder. Latest Prices. Read Customer Reviews.
– VonHaus 2200W 9 Inch Angle Grinder. Latest Prices. Read Customer Reviews.


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Moreover, What is the best 230mm angle grinder?

230mm Grinder Key Specification
————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————–
Makita GA9020 Angle Grinder Wheel size: 230mm Bore Size: 22mm Spindle size: M14 x 2mm Wire Cup Brush: 110mm No Load Speed: 6,600rpm Input wattage: 2,000W Net Weight: 4.7kg

Secondly, How do I choose an angle grinder?

– The size of the disc. The head or the wheel is one of the first things one needs to consider when they are buying an angle grinder.
– Power and speed. It is important that you consider the powering of the grinders and the speed at which the grinder rotates.
– The handle.

Simply so, Can you use an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are versatile tools that can grind metal and cut tile, stucco and pavers, rout out mortar, plus they can sand, polish and sharpen. Learn to use an angle grinder to cut tile, mortar and pavers; make quick work of rust and loose paint removal; sharpen blades and cut or grind steel.

How deep can a 230mm angle grinder cut?

70 mm

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How do you handle an angle grinder?

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How thick of metal can an angle grinder cut?

For standard everyday jobs on either stainless or mild steel using an angle grinder, choose a 1mm or 1.6mm thickness in your disc. For projects that involve thin metal such as sheet metal, choose a 1.0mm or 0.8mm thinner cutting disc.

What size angle grinders are there?

Angle grinders are commonly measured by the maximum size disc they can use. For most DIY projects, a 4-, 4.5-, or 5-inch disc will suffice. Larger discs (up to 9 inches) are more commonly used in industrial situations by professionals cutting through thick pieces of material.

Can you use an angle grinder to cut wood?

As long as you match the rotation of the blade with your grinder, you can conclusively slice through wooden material with a three-teeth angle grinder blade with little difficulty. Perfect for all your cutting, smoothing, grinding, and carving needs for 4 ½ Inch and 5 Inch angle grinders.

How do you straight cut with an angle grinder?

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How do you grind with an angle grinder?

For surface grinding, use the flat part of the wheel, maintaining a 20°-30° angle between the tool and the work surface. Position the blade guard at the back towards your body. Use a smooth back and forth motion to guide the flap disc over the material.

Can an angle grinder cut through concrete?

Although the various concrete cutting saw is available, an angle grinder is the most convenient tool for small concrete cutting work. Besides, an angle grinder is useful for cutting tiles, bricks, granite, marble and other materials.

How many amps does a angle grinder use?

Five or six amps is common on mid-range angle grinders, but some are as high as 11 amps. Larger models can reach 14 amps, which is a practical limit since standard electrical outlets only provide a 15-amp maximum supply. Some heavy-duty angle grinders use horsepower instead.

How much power does an angle grinder use?

1535 Watts

How deep can an angle grinder cut?

Grinding. Used with a thick disc appropriate for the workpiece material, 230mm angle grinders can deburr, sand, grind and thin down sheet metals. You can also use these tools to resize metal sections or grind chamfers. They have a maximum cutting depth of 70 mm.

Are angle grinders dangerous?

Angle grinders offer a fast and effective way to cut and smooth a variety of surfaces and materials. But they can also be dangerous. Accident statistics indicate that nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are due to an unsafe system of work or operator error.

Are 9 inch grinders banned?

Note: 9 inch (230 mm) angle grinders have been banned on some work sites due to the increased risk of injury. The increased power and size of the unit will cause more severe kickback and gyroscopic effects (i.e. makes the grinder difficult to manoeuvre).

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