What is in a Zaxby’s garden salad?


What is in a Zaxby’s garden salad? Mixed greens, red cabbage and carrots topped with Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, hard-boiled egg, fried onions, cheddar and Jack cheeses with Texas Toast. Choose between Fried, Grilled, or Garden (530-820 Cal).

also What type of salads does Zaxby’s have?

Zaxby’s Salad Options that You’ll Love!

  • The Blackened Blue Zalad. Grilled Blackened Blue Zalad. …
  • Zaxby’s Grilled House Zalad. Zaxby’s Grilled House Zalad is one of my favorites because it is not only delicious, but it is also very filling. …
  • Zaxby’s Cobb Zalads. …
  • Zaxby’s Zensation Zalad.

What’s on Zaxby’s Southwest salad? Zaxby’s Southwest Zalads include crisp mixed greens, topped with freshly sliced Roma tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheeses, fire-roasted corn, crunchy Santa Fe tortilla strips and Texas Toast.

How much is Zaxby’s chicken salad?

Zaxby’s Menu With Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Size Price
Chicken Salad Regular $4.49
Chicken Salad Large $8.99
Coleslaw Cup $0.49
Coleslaw Regular $1.29

Does Zaxby’s have a side salad?

Side Salad. A side item on the menu, but an entrée in our hearts. Farewell to this flawless mix of fresh greens, red cabbage and carrots.

What is the name of the new salad at Zaxby’s?

Athens, GA. — July 27, 2021 — Zaxby’s, the premium QSR known for its chicken fingers, wings and signature sauces, is introducing its new Southwest Zalad. The new fresh, made-to-order Zalad® is available systemwide and will feature Zaxby’s new Southwest ranch dressing along with its famous Texas Toast.

How much is a Zaxbys salad?

Zaxby’s Menu With Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Price
Nibblerz® Meal $6.29
Chicken Salad Sandwich $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal $5.49
Zaxby’s Club Sandwich $4.99

Does Zaxby’s Southwest Salad have chicken in it?

The Southwest Zalad includes your choice of fried or grilled chicken served on a bed of mixed greens, red cabbage and carrots with fire roasted corn, Santa Fe tortilla strips, Roma tomatoes, cheddar and Jack cheeses with Texas toast.

Who has the best fast food salad?

10 Best Fast Food Salads

  • Chick-Fil-A Cobb Salad. …
  • McDonald’s Southwest Salad. …
  • Chipotle Salad. …
  • CoreLife Kale Caesar Chicken Salad. …
  • Noodles and Company Med Salad with Chicken. …
  • Panera Strawberry Poppyseed Salad. …
  • Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad. …
  • McAlister’s Chef Salad.

How much is a Zaxby’s Cobb Salad?

Zaxbys Menu Prices

The Cobb Zalad (Garden) $5.29
The Cobb Zalad (Fried) $7.29
The Cobb Zalad (Grilled) $7.29
The Caesar (Garden) $4.99

How many calories are in a Zaxby’s chicken salad?

There are 410 calories in a Chicken Salad from Zaxby’s. Most of those calories come from fat (51%).

What flavors does Zaxby’s have?

Zaxby’s fans love their sauces! WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE? We have 10 to choose from: Wimpy, Original, Tongue Torch, Nuclear, Insane, Teriyaki, BBQ, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet & Spicey or Honey Sesame.

Does Zaxby’s have buffalo chicken dip?

Get ready for a saucy take on the crowd-pleasing classic.

What are Zaxby’s sides?

Shareables & Sides

  • Fried White Cheddar Bites. Batter-fried white cheddar cheese pieces with marinara dipping sauce. …
  • Crinkle Fries. Crispy, crinkle-cut fries with our signature seasoning salt. …
  • Coleslaw – Cup. Sweet, creamy and dreamy. …
  • Basket of Texas Toast. …
  • Zax Snak. …
  • Buffalo Zax Snak. …
  • Extra Chicken Finger. …
  • The Nibbler.

Are Zaxby’s salads good?

Zaxby’s is known for having relatively good salads. This isn’t super common when it comes to most fast food joints, so it’s a nice surprise at a place that seemingly is all about the fried chicken. … Cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers make up the bulk of veggies in this salad, if you don’t count the mixed greens.

How much is Zaxby’s Southwest chicken salad?

The Southwest Zalad with chicken goes for $8.59, while the Garden variety is priced at $6.59, although prices may vary by location. You can find the new Southwest Zalad at participating Zaxby’s locations for a limited time.

How many calories are in a Zaxbys salad?

Zaxby’s House Salads contain between 410-760 calories, depending on your choice of options.

Does Chick Fil A have Caesar salads?

A next generation Caesar salad served with warm, grilled chicken breast nuggets on a bed of romaine & kale with shaved parmesan & fresh lemon wedges. Made fresh daily. Served with Lemon Parmesan Panko and pairs well with Lemon Caesar Vinaigrette. Seasonal item only.

Is Zaxby’s salad healthy?

Fried Cobb Zalad from Zaxby’s

While you might not be under any delusions that a salad with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, fried onions, and Texas toast would be really healthy, it’s still a somewhat shocking amount of calories in a salad — and definitely more than you need in one meal.

Why is Zaxbys so good?

Well-seasoned fries

But think about it – it’s just a different cut of potato. Zaxby’s puts some garlic salt on theirs and maybe even some paprika. Point is, the depth of flavor on their fries is incomparable. And the fact that these are crinkle cut makes them retain their seasoning better.

Does McDonald’s still have southwest salad?

If you have a slight obsession with McDonald’s Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken salad, we’re sorry to break the news: salads are not on the menu right now. … For now, it looks like you’ll have to order some chicken nuggets and sprinkle them on top of your salad at home.

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